Admissions Guidelines

If you have graduated from high school or earned a GED, you may apply for admission to Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC). You are required to apply online for admission prior to the beginning of the term of enrollment. Please be aware of priority deadlines related to admission and financial aid. In order to complete the admission process, you must submit an admission application and all required documents listed below to the SKYCTC Admissions Office. Mailed documents may be sent to the following address:

SKYCTC - Admissions
1845 Loop Drive - Building A
Bowling Green, KY 42104

What additional information will I need to submit? 

New Students

First-Time Freshmen (Any student entering any college for the first time)

  • Submit an official high school transcript or photocopy of GED test results
    • Official high school transcripts can be requested through the Parchment electronic exchange system, and will be downloaded directly to SKYCTC. 
    • Official high school transcripts that are mailed must include the final GPA, high school graduation date, and official high school seal or signature of approved high school administrator. 
    • Students who complete the GED exam in the state of Kentucky may submit a record request through Kentucky Adult Education. Students who completed the GED outside of Kentucky, should contact the state Department of Education in which the exam was administered.
  • Submit qualifying placement scores
    • ACT sub-test requirements (18-English, 19-Math, and 20-Reading)
    • COMPASS (English, Math, and Reading - scores will vary, depending on academic program)
    • Placement scores may expire and assessment requirements are subject to change.

Transfer Students (Students who have previously enrolled in a post-secondary institution)

  • Submit official transcript(s) from all colleges previously attended (an official transcript is one sent from the college(s) attended directly to the Admissions Office.)
  • Submit COMPASS placement exam results (If college level mathematics and English courses have not been completed or if ACT scores are less than an 18 in English, 19 in math, and 20 in reading subtests.)
  • Transfer students with 12 or more credit hours at the 100 level or above in general education courses with a 2.0 GPA are exempt from reading placement requirements. However, all students must meet individual course pre-requisites such as those for entry-level English and mathematics courses.

Visiting Students (Students planning to attend the college for one semester only and then return to the home institution.)

  • Submit a Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) from your home college, indicating you are eligible to return to that institution. 
  • If the course you wish to take has a prerequisite course, you will need to submit an official transcript from the college you received the prerequisite credit. (An official transcript is one sent from the college(s) attended directly to the Admissions Office at SKYCTC.)
  • Appropriate ACT or COMPASS placement exam results for the courses to be taken, if prerequisite scores are required.
  • Visiting student applications are good for one semester. Students who wish to re-enroll as a visiting student should complete a readmission application

The COMPASS placement exam may be scheduled by calling:

Returning Students

If you have previously attended SKYCTC and are returning after an absence of two or more 16-week semesters, you must complete a readmission application and meet all current admission requirements. Assessment scores may expire and placement requirements are subject to change. All students will adhere to the Assessment and Placement Policy guidelines for the semester in which they are admitted.

Admission to Selective Admission Programs

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission into any Nursing or Allied Health program. Admission into Nursing or Allied Health programs (Radiography, Respiratory Care, Surgical Technology, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography) is based on selective admission criteria specific to each program. Students who are interested in the admission criteria for these programs should contact the program coordinators or the college Admissions Office staff. Some general education requirements must be completed prior to admission into the programs.

International Students

If you are a non-resident alien and/or are on a temporary United States visa, you would be considered an international applicant. SKYCTC admits international students with the following visa statuses L-1, L-2, EB-1, and H1B. International Students must complete the online admission application and submit proof of visa. If you have questions about the international application process, please contact the Admissions Office at 270-901-1000.