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Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Report

In April of 2019 Dr. Roger Cleveland, Founder and President of Millennium Learning Concepts presented the following report.


Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College participated in an Equity and Inclusion assessment in April 2019. Millennium Learning Concepts, an educational consulting firm based in Lexington, Kentucky, conducted the assessment.

An equity and inclusion assessment is an examination of the existing campus culture with emphasis on equity, inclusion and diversity. Also, the assessment examines the institution’s strengths and deficits with respect to ensuring that students have the opportunity to be academically successful. Equity and Inclusion assessments address areas such as opportunity gaps, recruitment and retention rates, access to diverse faculty and staff, organizational climate and culture, and inclusive excellence.

The quality of campus culture is the most crucial factor in shaping and driving student success and in improving overall student and staff morale. Accurately assessing equity and inclusion and gauging the degree that colleges and universities provide an equitable learning environment are salient first steps in addressing academic success and completion.

The Process

Assessment data were collected in multiple ways during the process: Focus Group Interviews, Online Surveys and Document Review. The other data collection method included was the Millennium Learning Concepts Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Assessment Tool.

If you would like a copy of the complete Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Report, a PDF version can be emailed to you.