Student Achievement Disclosure Information

Student Achievement:

  1. Licensure and Certification: Using the KCTCS licensure pass rate performance measure, the College will meet or exceed targets established by KCTCS. For SKYCTC, the following exams are combined to determine a college-wide pass rate: EMT Basic, Respiratory Care entry-level CRT, HVAC Journeyman, NCLEX-ADN, NCLEX-PN, Nurse Assistant/Aide

    Academic Year SKYCTC Percentage
    2010-2011 90%
    2011-2012 84%
    2012-2013 91% 81%

  2. Credentials Awarded: Annual count of total credentials awarded and the annual count of associate degrees awarded.

    Unofficial 2014-15 Target 2014-15
    Total Credentials Awarded # of Associates Degrees
    Total Credentials Awarded
    # of Associates Degrees
    1,800 500 2,025 390
    Target: Assumes steady growth of associate degrees and diplomas will remain constant (3-yr average), and a conservative growth in certificates.
    Source: SKYCTC IR.
    Measure Updated: 11/19/2014

  3. Placement: Based on data from college surveys, the student job placement based on follow up six months after graduation.
    Reporting Year
    Placement Target
    2011-2012 82.43% 61.00%
    2012-2013 76.42% 62.00%
    Source: Technical Education Database System

  4. Student Transfer: The annual number of students who enter a public, independent or proprietary postsecondary institution in Kentucky as a first-time transfer student, and the number of students other than first-time transfer students who transfer KCTCS credit into any public, independent or proprietary four-year institution, such as visiting, dual credit, or workforce students, as reported in CPE's Comprehensive database.

    # of Transfers % Change since previous year
    2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
    197 248 315 27.02%

  5. High Wage-High Demand Completions: Number of unduplicated credentials in programs cross walked to a high wage, high demand occupation. Notes: Credentials unduplicated by college and program; high demand is defined as growth greater than or equal to the projected percent change for all Kentucky occupations or 100+ average annual job openings; high wage is defined as a median annual wage that is greater than or equal to the wage at the 75th percentile for all occupations in the state of Kentucky. Certificates and diplomas do not count as high wage, high demand credentials in programs that crosswalk with high wage/high demand occupations requiring an associate's degree.

    Actual % Change over prior year Target
    2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2011-12
    74 140 175 25.90% 86
    Target: 2% growth annually, from baseline three-year average.
    Source: CPE Official; Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2014; Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2016; Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2018; Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2020; - 2007, 2008, 2009 Occupational Wages (OES) extracted 11/09; 2010 Occupational Wages extracted 06/10; 2011 Occupational Wages extracted 02/12; 2012 Occupational Wages Crosswalk (SOCXCIP), National Crosswalk Service Center; NCES CIP 2010-SOC 2010 Crosswalks
    Compiled by: Office of Research and Policy Analysis

  6. High School to College Transition: Associate Degrees Earned by Students that were former High School Dual Credit students served by the College.

    Actual Increase over previous year
    2012-13 2013-12 2014-15
    29 61 86 140%
    Source: KCTCS Decision Support System (DSS)