Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Discover what it is like to be on the front line of your chosen profession. Our Cooperative Education Program allows you to work in a relevant occupation - learning firsthand what challenges professionals in your chosen field face. Not only do you get to evaluate the career you have chosen, but this is also a great way for potential employers to get to know you.

Cooperative Education Offers Three On-the-Job Work Experience Options: Co-op, Internship, and Practicum.


Cooperative education refers to a course offering in the Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College curriculum consisting of on-the-job work experience in a business or industrial establishment. These experiences must be planned and supervised by the school and the employer to ensure that the work experience contributes to the student s education and career objective. The purpose of cooperative education is the development of occupational competence. The student receives both academic credit for the work and a paycheck.


The Internship class is a planned and evaluated on-the-job work experience related to the student's educational objective for which the student receives academic credit and may receive financial remuneration.


Practicum, an unpaid alternative to Cooperative Education, is an integral element of a student s learning experience. This course allows the student to integrate formal classroom learning experiences with supervised work experience. The work experience site is chosen for its relevance to the student s major occupational area of study.

Planning Ahead

Don't wait until the last minute! Start planning your cooperative education experience well in advance of the semester in which you intend to complete it. Your faculty advisor can assist you with finding an appropriate work site, or you can contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator for your area of study.

Please Contact:

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Main Campus (HVAC, Automotive, Collision, Electricity, Welding)

  • Steve Hatcher, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 901-1048
  • Marsha Shorts, Administrative Assistant, (270) 901-1122

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Glasgow Technology Campus (Industrial Maintenance)

  • Chuck Houchens, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 659-6926
  • Mark Powell, Administrative Assistant, (270) 659-6928

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Transpark Campus (Engineering & Electronics, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining, Industrial Maintenance)

  • Brian Sparks, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 901-1228
  • Marsha Shorts, Administrative Assistant, (270) 901-1122

KATI Campus (Business, Information Technology, Culinary)

  • Lisa Hunt, Dean, (270) 901-1010