Computer and Information Technologies

Inforgraph on Computer Information Technology: 2015 median pay $53,252 per year; 2015 employment in KY 5,501.

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The Computer and Information Technology program offers three specific areas of study for careers in today s complex digital world: These include Network Administration, Internet Technologies, and Information Security.

  • Network and computer systems administrators design, install, and support an organization s computer systems.
  • Internet Technologies specialists design, deploy, and manage web sites from both a hardware and software perspective.
  • Information Security specialist learn offensive and defensive techniques to protect their clients digital interests. Instruction involves topics such as operating system security and, network security design.

What are my career choices?

You have several career choices as an IT professional. These include becoming a computer programmer, a network administrator, a web site developer or administrator, and an information security specialist. With today s digital world, graduates are employed in every sector of society including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, military and others. You can find employment with private or publicly-managed companies, as well as operate your own company.

Progressive Career Builder

PromotionIntroductory $12 Per Hour

PromotionIntermediate $18 Per Hour

PromotionAdvanced $21 Per Hour

Additional Information

For Network Administrator course sequence, see the Course Sequence Example.
For Internet Technologies course sequence, see the Course Sequence Example.
For program cost, see the estimate worksheet.
For Gainful Employment, see Gainful Employment Disclosure Information.

Resources For Students

Follow this link for access to the SKYCTC Virtual Laboratory (Netlab)

Follow this link for access to the SKYCTC Microsoft Dreamspark Page

Admission Requirements

This program has no special admission requirements.

For more information

  • Mike Taylor, Program Coordinator, Professor - (270) 901-1168
  • Kerry Moorman, Assistant Professor - (270) 901-1163
  • Bryan Knowles, Instructor - Bowling Green (270) 901-1058 Glasgow (270) 861-6927

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