How Do I Start?

Getting Started

Recommended: Download and review the SKYCTC Credit for Prior Learning Handbook

10 Step Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment Process

Step 1: Submit admission application to SKYCTC (including transcripts of prior high school,GED, trade school, etc., and, if applicable, submit ACT/SAT scores that are within two years of application date)

  • SKYCTC Office of Admissions will review the application, and if criteria is met, student is sent a letter of acceptance to the college.
  • Student may be required to schedule and take a COMPASS test.
  • Student may be required to schedule and attend orientation.

Step 2: Student must complete Prior Learning Inventory (Appendix A, pg. 13, SKYCTC Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Guide Book)

  • This form is used to help students evaluate their prior experiences that may qualify them for college credit.

Step 3: Student makes appointment with mentor* to match prior learning experiences (from Prior Learning Inventory) to classes within the student s certificate, diploma, or degree program.

  • Mentor will provide course competencies for the course(s) being audited for prior learning credit.
  • Mentor will provide feedback to student regarding the potential for prior credit being awarded.
  • *Mentor will be selected by corresponding prior learning coordinator, division dean and/or chief academic officer.

Step 4: Upon agreement between the student and mentor to proceed, the student must complete the Application for Prior Learning Assessment (Appendix B, pg. 14, SKYCTC Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Guide Book) form and the Authenticity Statement (Appendix D, pg. 16, SKYCTC Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Guide Book) form.

  • The student and mentor sign both forms.
  • Additionally, the student must complete the Prior Learning Assessment Application Fee (Appendix C, pg. 15, (see Appendix C, pg. 15, SKYCTC Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Guide Book) form and arrange payment for the portfolio fee.
  • The payment fee of $75.00 per course is non-refundable and must be made to the SKYCTC Office of Business Affairs.

Step 5: Student prepares a draft of the portfolio to be submitted for consideration of prior learning credit.

  • Student refers to portfolio task list.
  • Mentor assists with formatting.
  • Student should frequently update, clarify, and document materials to be included in final portfolio.

Step 6: Student submits completed portfolio and Credit Request: Final Portfolio Assessment (Appendix I, pg. 22, SKYCTC Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Guide Book) form to the mentor for evaluation.

Step 7: Faculty mentor and other selected program faculty/administrators* will assess the student s learning competencies presented in the portfolio.

  • Reviewers will make educated and sensible determinations regarding the alignment of the exhibits with college course competencies.
  • Reviewers will use a rubric.
  • The review team determines if the student is awarded or denied college credit or if additional documentation is required to inform the decision making process.
  • *Review team members and mentors to be determined.

Step 8: Student is notified about the results of the portfolio evaluation.

  • The notification, either awarding or denying of credit, is sent to the student in writing.

Step 9: The SKYCTC Office of the Registrar will record the earned credits on the student s transcript.

  • No letter grade will be awarded.
  • The student will simply receive credit for the course(s).
  • Credit earned through the portfolio process does not affect the student s GPA.
Step 10: Create a Portfolio:
  • A portfolio is a collection of materials that describes and documents prior learning.
  • A Student Handbook for Portfolio Assessment is available to help you develop your portfolio for prior learning assessment.
  • Knowledge, skills and/or competencies must be documented for the course(s) for which credit is applied.

The portfolio is developed under the direction of the SKYCTC's professional staff and is evaluated by the faculty for award of credit.

Fillable and Printable Forms


Shawn Stovall