Advising For Reading Students

QEP LogoWhat is the QEP?

The Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) Quality Enhancement Plan focuses on strategies designed to bolster the academic success of our reading students. Two main QEP strategies include limited enrollment for reading students and learning community pairings for RDG 30 and FYE 105 courses.

What is the limited enrollment plan? How does this affect me?

A QEP advising strategy designed to help RDG 30 students be more academically successful will be implemented fall 2014 limiting RDG 30 students to two courses (6 credit hours): RDG 30 and FYE 105. All students testing into RDG 30 are required to meet with their academic advisors for fall 2014 enrollment. Veteran and BRADD financial aid students are exceptions to the limited enrollment rule and should meet with their assigned academic advisors to enroll in pre-approved classes.

If you score between 49 and 69 on the COMPASS you will be directed to Adult Education to either take a Boot Camp or Fundamental Reading Skills (FRS) course. At this time, these courses are only offered through Adult Education on Main Campus. You will not be allowed to take any additional courses until that level of reading has been successfully completed and the student tests out of the 49 to 69 range on the COMPASS.

What are learning communities?

Another QEP strategy that will foster a sense of community and belonging for student participants will also be implemented this fall. SKYCTC will pilot two learning community sections of RDG 30 and FYE 105. These courses will be connected in Peoplesoft, and will be listed under 10P1 and 10P2. These learning communities will require that students be enrolled in both of these classes, as there will be common projects, lesson plans, and readings. Students interested in enrolling in these learning communities should meet with their assigned academic advisor.

Exceptions to limited enrollment:

Veterans, BRADD, and Accelerated Opportunity students have some exceptions to the limited enrollment rule as they are participating in additional support specific to their situations. If you are a Veteran, BRADD or Accelerated Opportunity student, ask your advisor for more information if you place into RD030.

Accelerating Opportunity (AO): This is a new program offering two evening learning communities - Welding on the Main Campus and Robotics Automation at the Transpark - for students who place into transitional courses. Adult education instructors and credit technical faculty will team teach the courses so that students can obtain a certificate in two semesters. Your remedial coursework will be contextualized and taught within their technical courses, not as separate transitional or Adult Education courses. If you are interested in this opportunity should contact Kim Jackson at 270-901-1133 to determine if you meet the criteria and be appropriately advised. She will also work to be present at the SOARs.

Want to brush up on your reading skills?

Need more information?

For additonal questions, please contact:
Diane Wilkins
QEP Coordinator
(270) 901-1040