Financial Literacy | SKYCTC

Graduate Debt Free

High School - Josh

Male High School Student

I graduate in a couple of months and was accepted to SKYCTC. I do not know what to study or the career I want pursue. I completed my FAFSA and qualified for a PELL grant that will cover my tuition and will receive my KEES money to assist with other expenses. I am not getting loans because I budgeted my funding to cover all cost with money left over.

Non-Traditional - Chris

Non traditional male student

I have been working hard for a great company since graduating high school. The company noticed my potential and my supervisor encouraged me to go back to school to continue my growth within the company. I discovered that my company has a great tuition reimbursement program that pays an employee $2,500 a year for educational opportunities. Thanks to my employer s tuition assistance, I will be able to graduate from SKYCTC without any debt!"

Back to Basics - Nick

Older male student"I completed my bachelor s degree after high school, have a steady full-time job, and a family of 5. After 15 years, I have decided to return to school to further my education and change my career to something more fulfilling. I decided SKYCTC is a great fit for me because of the high quality low cost tuition coupled with high wage high demand degrees. The online and evening classes allow for me to go to school part time while I continue to work my full time job to support my family. I am not eligible for Pell Grants and I have just finished paying on my student loans from when I graduated with my first degree. Those student loan payments really set my family back financially and I do not want to be in debt for another 10 to 20 years. I have decided to take advantage of the payment plan option that will allow for me to pay for my tuition in equal payments over 4 months."

Transfer - Sarah

Female student

I completed my application to transfer to SKYCTC and I am looking at different sources of funding to complete my education. I have about $8,000 in loan debt from my previous college and would like to better understand my loans prior to borrowing more money. I contacted KHEAA to assist me with understanding my loans.

Veteran - Jessica

Miltary soldier female

I recently transition from the military and taking advantage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill. My tuition is covered, but will like to obtain a loan to cover other expenses. I viewed the veteran affairs and the Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs websites for information on other resources.

Jasmine = Single Mom + Future RN

"I attend SKYCTC debt free thanks to the Ready to Work program and the Pell grant. Graduating without debt will allow me to provide for my family in ways I never thought possible!"

Will = Scholarship Recipient + Future Chef

"According to the FAFSA, I don't qualify for any grants so I worked full-time during the summer and saved as much money as possible. The KEES money and scholarship I receive still aren't enough to pay all of my college expenses. I took out a loan to cover the balance but made sure that I will be able to cover the payments after I graduate. I'm glad loans are an option and I plan to use them responsibly!"

Michael = Living at home + Getting Paid

"This is my first semester at SKYCTC. I am enrolled in 15 hours and save money by living at home. Because I filed my FAFSA early I have been awarded a awarded a Pell grant and CAP grant. Thanks to my KEES scholarship and financial aid I'll receive a refund after my tuition and books are paid! I am determined to graduate from SKYCTC debt free! I plan to do this by working part-time, maintaining my grades, and living at home. Upon graduation with my associates degree, I hope to earn a transfer scholarship to a university and complete my bachelor s degree."

Luke - Moving On

Male student

I went to SKYCTC knowing that I was going to transfer to a four-year university for my elementary education degree. I was able to get my first two years at a fraction of the cost. I received Pell, scholarships, KEES, and utilized the work study program. Therefore, I did not have to take out any student loans while at SKYCTC.

Jason - Life Happens

Overwhelmed student.

*A photo of Jason is unavailable.

I started college Fall of 2013 and took out student loans to pay for my books, a laptop computer, and put a down payment on a car. Money was tight, so I had to find a job. I made bad decisions and ended up failing my classes. Now, I have to pay a portion of my financial aid back to the college, plus I also have to pay back my student loans. I used a repayment calculator, and I could have to pay back $16,548, with interest. I freaked out and contacted KHEAA. With their guidance, they re helping me get back on track.

Kim - Graduate

I'm a single mom and graduated in 2012. Soon after I graduated, I got a job making $15 an hour. Six months later, I had to start paying on my $19,000 in student loans, and there was no way I could pay the $184 per month payment. I contacted KHEAA for help. We discussed my repayment and deferment options and decided the income-based repayment plan was best for me. My monthly payment was lowered to $49 per month."