Priority Dates

Financial Aid Priority Dates

Financial Aid Priority Processing Deadline Dates

In order for your financial aid to be ready when your classes begin, please submit your FAFSA as soon as possible. Financial aid Priority Filing Dates for SKYCTC are listed below:

  • Submit FAFSA before July 15 for the Fall semester
  • Submit FAFSA before December 1 for Spring semester
  • Submit FAFSA before April 1 for the Summer term

If you submit your FAFSA by the priority date and promptly reply to all subsequent financial aid office requests, your financial aid should be ready for you when the semester begins.

The Financial Aid Office  cannot guarantee the arrival or disbursement of funds. The dates below represent the earliest daate funds can be applied to your account. All dates are tentaive and subject to chnage. 

Important reminder: Course attendance must be confirmed before a disbursement will occur. Students enrolled with multiple start dates may have a delay in the processing of funds until all coursework has been confirmed.

Fall 2017 - 16 week term
Bookstore Charge Dates •August 7 - August 25, 2017
Refund Process Begins •September 15, 2017
2nd bi term- 8 week term- Refund Begins - November 22,2017

Spring 2018- 16 week term
Bookstore Charge Dates • January 2, 2018 to January 19, 2018
Refund Process Begins • February 16, 2018
2nd bi-term - 8 week term- Refund begins - April 13, 2018