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Offices & Departments

Office of the President

Neal Phil 270.901.1111 President & CEO Main
McNulty Becky 270.901.1162 Executive Administrative Assistant Main

Administrative Services

Forester Sherri 270.901.1115 Vice President of Administrative Services Main
Gibson Sharon 270.901.1121 Human Resource Assistant Main
Garrett Mark 270.901.1065 Director of Institutional Effectiveness Main
Henderson Joshua 270.901.1160 Web Specialist Main
Lamers Kymber 270.901.1172  Human Resource Coordinator Main

Resource Development

Rogers Heather 270.901.1116 Vice President of Resource Development Main
Allen Chantal  270.901.1186  Resource Development Specialist Main 
Wells Millie 270.901.1153 Director of Alumni Relations Main

Office of Academic Affairs

McCaslin James 270.901.1112 Provost Main
Hurt Amy 270.901.1177 Assistant to the Provost Main
Hayden Donna 270.901.1119 Administrative Assistant FSC
Barton Rhonda 270.901.1235 Administrative Assistant FSC
Richart Kelcie 270.901.1035  AMT Success Coach FSC
Shrull Rita 270.901.1189  Custodian FSC
Witt Angela 270.901.1189  Custodian FSC

Division of Academic Services

Hunt Lisa 270.901.1010 Dean of Academic Services Main
Abrams Peggy 270.901.1044 Senior Administrative Assistant Main
Bechtold Ali 270.901.4324  Director of K-12 Partnership FSC
Lee Kristie 270.901.1236  Admissions Advisor FSC
Nichols Leslie 270.901.1114  Instructor/First Year Experience Main
Purpus Carmen 270.901.4342 Assistant Professor/First Year Experience Main
Waggoner Coni 270.901.1067  Associate Professor/Reading Main
Wendt Leah 270.901.1191 Associate Professor/Digital Learning Coordinator Main
Willinger-Frederick Tammy 270.901.1075  Instructor/First Year Experience Main
Willoughby Fallon 270.901.1097  Instructor/First Year Experience Main


Gabbard Janice 270.901.1155 Director of Library & Information Services Main
Dooley Jason 270.901.1241 Instructional Specialist Main
Dowell Ryan 270.901.1184 Librarian/Instructor Main
French Esther 270.901.1185 Librarian/Assistant Professor Main
Herald Taylor 270.901.1240 Instructional Specialist Main
LeFevre Kathryne 270.901.4335 Librarian/Associate Professor Main

Division of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Basil Gene 270.901.1151 Dean of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies TRPK
Shorts Marsha 270.901.1122 Administrative Assistant TRPK
Combs Rex 270.861.6937 Professor/Industrial Maintenance GTEC
Eadens Brian 270.901.1030 Instructor/Air Conditioning Main
Endicott Eddie 270.901.1025  Instructor/Industrial Maintenance TRPK
Finley Joseph 270.901.1159 Professor/Engineering Tech TRPK
Greer Mike 270.901.1227 Associate Professor/Comp.Manuf. & Mach. TRPK
Keen Tony 270.901.1033 Instructor/ SKY Fame FSC
King Brian 270.861.6942  Instructor/Industrial Maintenance GTEC
Hawks Mark 270.901.1050 Assistant Professor/Computerized Manuf. & Mach. TRPK
Hatcher Steve 270.901.1048 Professor/Welding Main
Houchens Chuck 270.861.6926 Professor/Industrial Maintenance GTEC
Hunt Jon 270.901.1028 Professor/Collision Repair Main
Jeter Chris 270.901.1029 Assistant Professor/Air Conditioning Main
Moss Tim 270.901.1133 Instructor/ Industrial Maintenance TRPK
Phelps Jeff 270.901.1020 Professor/Engineering Tech TRPK
Powell Mark 270.861.6928 Administrative Assistant GTEC
Sparks Brian 270.901.1228 Professor/Engineering Tech TRPK
Stephens Jeremy 270.901.1027 Associate Professor/Automotive Tech Main
Taylor Beau 270.901.1161 Instructor/Industrial Maintenance TRPK
Turner Kerry 270.901.1169 Associate Professor/Electricity Main
West Jared 270.901.1194 Assistant Professor/Welding Main

Division of Allied Health and Nursing

Harlan Angela 270.901.1211 Dean of Allied Health/Nursing
Director of Glasgow Health Campus
Morris Carolyn 270.901.1203 Senior Administrative Assistant GHLT
Armstrong Tammy 270.901.1215 Administrative Assistant GHLT
Austin Dwight 270.901.1076  Instructor/Respiratory Main
Blankenship Tonya 270.901.1079  Instructor/Surgical Technology Main
Bourque Brittany 270.901.1205 Associate Professor/Nursing GHLT
Bradford Josh 270.901.1099 Associate Professor/Radiography Main
Corder Sonya 270.901.1080 Administrative Assistant Main
Davis Jody 270.901.4374 Assistant Professor/Nursing GHLT
Gentry Traci 270.901.1217 Professor/Nursing GHLT
Gilbert Bobby 270.901.4357 Assistant Professor/Nursing Main
Gilpin Rachel 270.901.1078 Assistant Professor/Nursing GHLT
Hunley Ruth Ann 270.901.1226 Instructional Specialist III GHLT
Keel Sue 270.901.1208 Assistant Professor/Nursing GHLT
Mckenney Ken 270.901.1127 Associate Professor/Respiratory Main
Moore Wendy 270.901.1248 Associate Professor/Nursing GHLT
Peyton Natassia 270.901.1220 Assistant Professor/Nursing GHLT
Pharris Kim 270.901.1082 Assistant Professor/Nursing Main
Proffitt Jessica 270.901.1207 Associate Professor/Nursing GHLT
Reid-Taylor Sherri 270.901.1193  Instructional Specialist III Main
Shive April 270.901.1167 Professor/Nursing GHLT
Slaughter Lori 270.901.1081 Professor/Radiography Main
Watkins Renea 270.901.1206 Instructor/Nursing GHLT
Wood Erika 270.901.1202 Student Affairs Specialist GHLT
Steele Tammy 270.901.1074 Administrative Assistant - Fire Rescue Main 
Weatherbee John 270.901.1073 Coordinator/Fire Rescue Science Tech Main 

Division of Arts and Humanities

Reyes-Cubides William 270.901.1022 Dean of Arts and Humanities Main
Marcum Natalie 270.901.1131 Administrative Assistant Main
Adams Ellie 270.901.4328 Associate Professor/Oral Communications Main
Adams Jessica 270.901.1237 Associate Professor/Oral Communications Main
Banks Debra 270.901.4343 Assistant Professor/English GHLT
Beagle Gary 270.901.1134 Associate Professor/English Main
Case Joseph 270.901.4344 Assistant Professor/Psychology GHLT
Gibbons Jackie 270.901.1042 Instructor/English Main
Jones David 270.901.4329 Associate Professor/Art Main
Kennedy Barry 270.901.1108 Associate Professor / History Main
Kirby Matthew 270.901.4372 Instructor/Art FSC/GHLT
Lanphier Tonya 270.901.4371 Instructor/Sociology FSC/GHLT
Nwankwoala Chloe 270.901.7374 Instructor/Communications Main
Poteet Bruce 270.901.1158 Assistant Professor/English Main
Smith Shellena 270.901.1229 Associate Professor/English GHLT
Turner James 270.901.1166 Assistant Professor/ Oral Communications FSC
Varney Bertena 270.901.4327 Associate Professor/Sociology Main
Ward Teresa 270.901.1238 Assistant Professor/Psychology Main
Wilkins Diane 270.901.1040 Professor / Writing Main
Williams Tommy 270.901.1038 Associate Professor / Psychology Main
Wolters Rachel 270.901.4349 Instructor/History Main
Youngquist Sherry 270.901.1095 Assistant Professor/English Main

Division of Business

Royse Chris 270.901.1098 Dean of Business KATI
Herald Ashley 270.901.1064 Administrative Assistant KATI
Dent Julie 270.901.4320 Instructor/Business Administration KATI
Gaskins Carmen 270.901.1060 Professor/CIT Main
Grant Braden 270.901.1142 Instructor/Business Administration Systems KATI
Harris April 270.901.1085 Instructor/Business Administration Systems KATI
Inscoe Tammy 270.901.4352  Instructor/Culinary Arts Main
McFadden Art 270.901.1058 Instructor/CIT KATI
Norrod Amy 270.901.1031 Associate Professor/Medical Information Tech. KATI
Otto Kim 270.901.1130 Associate Professor/CIT Main
Papalouca Loucas 270.901.1165 Professor/CIT KATI
Taylor Mike 270.901.1168 Professor/CIT KATI
White Renee 270.901.4321 Associate Professor/Medical Information Tech. KATI
Wright James 270-901-1197 Instructor/Economics KATI

Division of Mathematics and Sciences

Shoemake Jennifer 270.901.1212 Dean of Mathematics and Sciences Main
Cotton Laura 270.901.4376 Administrative Assistant Main
Bayer Jessica 270.901.1125 Assistant Professor/Mathematics Main
Cassady Scott 270.901.4373 Instructor/Physics Main
Conner Rebecca 270.901.1192 Assistant Professor/Biology GHLT
Ellis Claudean 270.901.4326 Associate Professor/Mathematics Main
Embry Amy 270.901.1106 Instructor/Anatomy & Physiology Main
Faine John 270.901.1023 Associate Professor/Mathematics Main
Florence Christina 270.901.1187 Associate Professor/Mathematics Main
Galloway Angela 270.901.1084 Associate Professor/Mathematics Main
Kenady Kevin 270-901-1021 Professor/Mathematics FSC
Mullally Aaron 270.901.4325 Assistant Professor/Anatomy & Physiology Main
Murthy Sneha 270.901.1071  Instructor/Anatomy & Physiology Main
Palmer Jahi 270.901.1156 Instructor/Physics KATI
Patel Viren 270.901.1247 Associate Professor/Mathematics GHLT
Pennycuff Bryon 270.901.1107 Associate Professor/Mathematics Main
Rhoades Lisa 270.901.4367 Instructor/Math Main
Richardson Merrie 270.901.1077 Instructor/Biology Main
Sharp Jason 270.901.1026  Instructor/Mathematics/Statistics GHLT
Starnes John 270.901.1024  Associate Professor/Biology Main
Tackett Kristina 270.901.1096 Associate Professor/Biology Main

Workforce Solutions/ADED

Myers Kim 270.901.1032 Director of Workforce Solutions KATI
Bullock Mike 270.901.1041 Instructional Specialist/Agriculture-Warren TRPK
Elkins Chris 270.651.6315 Instructional Specialist/Agriculture-Barren  
Leonhardt Mark 270.901.1045 Workforce Solutions Trainer KATI
Lindsey Chad 270.901.1034 Workforce Training Specialist KATI
Lockhart Lance 270.901.1232 Instructional Specialist/Agriculture-Butler & Logan  
Morgan Kara 270.901.1176 Workforce Liaison KATI
Vaughn Oakley 270.901.4369 CDL Instructor FSC
Peters Kasey 270.901.1221  Workforce Liaison KATI
Ping Paula 270.901.1037 Administrative Assistant, Assessment & Testing KATI
Yates Elaine 270.901.1036 Manager, Assessment & Testing KATI

Adult Education

Becker Brian 270.901.1013 Director of Adult Education Main
Beaty Christy 270.901.1087 Administrative Assistant Main
Cruz Jamie 270.901.1182 Administrative Assistant FSC
Haddix Ray 270.901.1181 Coordinator, Simpson County FSC
Hubbard Teresa 270.629.2062 Instructional Specialist BCAE
Hunt Michelle 270.901.1014 Instructional Specialist Main
Johnson Joda 270.901.4360 Instructional Specialist BCAE
Muzyka Suzy 270.901.4362  Administrative Assistant BCAE
Parke Jamie 270.901.1223 Instructional Specialist BCAE
Phelps Anna-Laura 270.901.1015 Instructional Specialist Main
Garrett Cynthia 270.901.1018 Instructional Specialist Main
Sullivan Margaret 270.901.1089 Administrative Assistant Main

Student Services

Justice Brooke 270.901.1001 Vice President of Student Services Main
Armstrong Hope 270.901.1092 Pre-Employment Transitions Spec. Main
Brooks Mark 270.901.1117 Director of Public Relations Main
Browning Amanda 270.901.1007 Graphics Designer Main
Cannon Amy 270.901.1012 Registrar Main
Cassady Susan 270.901.1005 Student Affairs Assistant III Main
Clark Sherita 270.901.1242 Success Coach Main
Finn Rachael 270.901.1128 Recruiter Main
Phillips Miranda 270.901.1068 Student Affairs Assistant II Main
Hernandez Addi 270.901.1132 Admissions Advisor Main
LaMure Kayla 270.901.1088  Disability Service Coordinator Main
Lawrence Heather 270.901.1233 Student Affairs Assistant II Main
Lee Rebecca 270.901.1019 Assoc. V.P. Marketing & Communication Main
Lutenski Tim 270.901.1052 Success Coach GHLT
Mandeville Tammy 270.901.1000 Campus Communications Operator Main
Meredith Kelly 270.901.1011 Ready to Work/Work & Learn Coordinator Main
Oberhausen Alicia 270.901.1231 Student Affairs Assistant II Main
Stovall Shawn 270.901.1188 Director of Career and Academic Planning Main
Smith Annie 270.901.4338  Coordinator of Student Life Engagement Main
Travis David  270.901.4348 Director of Student Life and Engagement Main
White Denna 270.901.1094 Director of Admissions Main


Harris Daniel 270.901.1154/270.779.0411 Security Supervisor Main
Security   270.790.9304 Security Main
Security   270.834.0238 Glasgow Health GHLT

Office of Business Affairs

Cumens Chris 270.901.1113 Vice President of Business Services Main
Noble  Jenn 270.901.1118 Associate V.P. of Finance and Administration Main
Bahic Deni 270.901.1123 Budget Analyst Main
Johnson Alyssa 270.901.1000 Business Office Cashier Main
Hawkins Nikki 270.901.1063 Business Office Payroll Main
Massey Donia 270.901.1062 Business Affairs Specialist Main

Financial Aid

Wells Jennifer 270.901.1000 Director of Financial Aid Main
Barbour Gail 270.901.1000 Financial Aid Coordinator Main

Information Technology 

Ellis  Randy  270.901.4336 Director of IT KATI
Basil Sherri 270.901.1129 IT Specialist KATI
Brown Sabrina 270-901-1239 IT Specialist KATI
Carroll Tim 270.901.1126 IT Specialist KATI
Sanchez Abel 270.901.1230 Network Administrator KATI

Maintenance & Custodial Operations

Andrews John 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Chavez Kaye 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Coleman Crisandra 270.901.1124 Custodian Trspk
Cooper Austin 270.901.1072 Maintenance Worker Main
Cumbee Dakota 270.901.1072  Maintenance Worker Main
Eicher Courtney 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Forrester Phyllis 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Hardin Peggy 270.901.1170 Custodian KATI
Hatcher Johnny 270.901.1210 Maintenance GHLT
Johnson Marilyn 270.901.1054 Administrative Assistant Main
Johnson Walter 270.901.1124  Custodian Main
Kinslow Sam 270.901.1072 Maintenance Main
Villanueva Patsy 270.901.1124 Maintenance and Operations Supervisor Main
Martinez Donna 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
McFarland Dre 270.901.1225 Custodian Main
Minton Kalvin 270.901.1072 Maintenance & Operations Supervisor Main
Moody Linda 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Ogles Lindsey 270.901.1210 Custodian GHLT
Peay James 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Sanchez Santiago 270.901.1072 Maintenance Main
Shearon Brian 270.901.1072 Maintenance Worker Main
Smay David 270.901.1072 Maintenance Main
Sullivan Richard 270.901.1124 Custodian Main
Whitney Cedric 270.901.1170 Custodian KATI
Williams Gerald 270.901.1210 Custodian GHLT


Tucker Taylor 270.901.1157 UK STARS KATI