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Additional Information for Employees

As KCTCS continues reopening facilities, and in accordance with Kentucky Healthy at Work guidelines posted by Governor Beshear, individuals will return from remote work to onsite work. This expansion of staffing will be controlled and coordinated to reduce potential risks and ensure the safety of all. No supervisor should increase staffing without permission from the KCTCS or College President.

No more than 50% of employees are physically present in any KCTCS facilities on any given day and no more than 50% of the occupational capacity of the facility.

The Colleges and System Office should have a phased return to work which includes: generous telework, sick leave, and family leave policies for those employees who are not able to come into work due to illness, taking care of a family member(s), or lack of childcare options.

CDC guidelines define high-risk individuals who may suffer greater impacts should they contract COVID-19. High-risk individuals will be given special consideration to continue remote work.

Employees who have been instructed to return to work on-site and have concerns about doing so due to a medical condition that places them in a higher risk group, those who are pregnant, those with childcare issues, or those who wish to seek ADA Reasonable Accommodations related to return to on-site work should work with their supervisor in consultation with their College Human Resource Director or the Director of Employee Relations at the System Office.

Each College and the System Office have a Healthy at Work Officer. These individuals can point you to COVID-19 HR policies, procedures, and practices specific to your question or concern.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Concerns about fellow employees should be shared through regular safety/supervisory channels. The College/System Office Healthy-at-Work officer will be responsible for overall compliance. Employees should adhere to the Complaint Resolution Procedure 2-16-2-2 and Employee Responsibility Procedure 2-0-2. These procedures provide a mechanism for faculty and staff to resolve within their supervisory line and covers complaints that are not resolved through normal collegial communication. Handling of complaints under this Procedure should emphasize resolution within the line of supervisory authority at the lowest possible level and in the quickest possible time. Employees should first try to resolve the issue with normal collegial communication.

Colleges and System office will be prepared to assist public health officials if an employee tests positive or becomes exposed to  COVID-19.  Employees will keep documentation of work shifts, work locations, meetings, and in-person clients or visitor contacts.