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Skills displays student talent - SkillsUSA

Skills displays student talent By CHARLES A. MASON Daily News

Nearly 150 high school students from southcentral Kentucky examined automotive brake systems, built wooden walls, welded steel and talked about lapel pin designs they had prepared for Friday s SkillsUSA Region 5 competition in Bowling Green.

The students were scattered across the city in competitions held on campuses of Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College and at the Warren County Area Technology Center.

The competition itself is a place to showcase their skills and be competitive this is not an A, B, C, D multiple choice test, said Melissa Jones, Region 5 SkillsUSA coordinator. Regional winners have a chance to go on to April s state competition in Louisville.

Savannah Bell, a senior at Barren County High School, chatted quietly with some students on SKYCTC s main campus Friday while she awaited a chance to present her pin drawing.

Students were asked to design a Kentucky SkillsUSA lapel pin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SkillsUSA national organization. The theme is 50 Years of Champions at Work.

Bell said she drew her pin on a digital tablet. Bell would like to attend Western Kentucky University following graduation and study mechanical engineering. She said SkillsUSA projects help her formulate her future.

It is really leading me to what I am going to be doing in college, Bell said.

With all the recent snow days, Bell did a lot of work on her pin design at home.

Cody Gravil and Lucas Upchurch, both seniors at Warren East High School, were among several students building a wooden wall with two rafters in three hours at the Warren Area Tech Center.

Roy Mellott, a retired carpentry teacher at Franklin-Simpson High School, said the key to the work was accuracy.

Upchurch added that figuring out the angles also were part of the challenge.

Several students down the hall at the Tech Center began a competition in automotive technology. Instructor Michael Emerton said they were to torque tires, hook up a scanner to measure an engine s performance, identify 10 car parts, check the brake fluid in a vehicle and assess fuses without pulling the fuses out of the circuit board.

The SkillsUSA is not the kind of challenge for which a student could cram.

If you know how to do it, you do. If you don t, you don t, said Brittany King, a senior at Warren Central High School. During class they went over the identification of the car parts. King got interested in automotive technology when her father procured a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle and began restoring it.

We dropped a motor in it just a couple of months ago, King said.

Emberton said he makes sure the kids know about the electronic aspects of automotive technology when teaching his course at the tech center.

They have to be trained on all of it, but the electrical is a really big thing these days, he said.

Mike Greer, computerized manufacturing instructor at SKYCTC s Kentucky Transpark campus, said students competing had to operate a milling machine and show proficiency.

After they machine a component, then they have to run the lathe, Greer said.

Nathan Johnson, a quality control inspector for Stupp Bridge Company in Bowling Green, served as a judge for the welding competition held on the main SKYCTC campus.

You look at the quality of the weld and the workmanship, he said.

This year s winners in the Region 5 SkillsUSA Competition were:

Action Skills (AS)

  • 1st Place Paul Hedge Russellville ATC

Architectural Board Drafting (ABD)

  • 1st Place - Noah Kaiser - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Aidan Rice - Allen Co.
  • 3rd Place Brandon Little - Allen Co.

Architectural Drafting - CAD (AD)

  • 1st Place - Dylan Harper - Allen Co.
  • 2nd Place Zoe Brownfield - Barren Co.
  • 3rd Place Devin Walters - Allen Co.

Automated Mfg Technology (MFG) Team

  • 1st Place Braden Pedigo, Dylan Haynes, Darian Bautista - Barren Co.

Automotive Service Tech ( AST )

  • 1st Place Jeffrey Lemons - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Dylan Farmer - Barren Co.
  • 3rd Place Samson Anderson - Allen Co.

Automotive Service Tech 1 ( AST1 )

  • 1st Place Britany King - Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place Isaiah Coyt - Warren Co.
  • 3rd Place Stephen Hoffman Barren Co.

Cabinetmaking (CM)

  • 1st Place Mason Jones - Monroe Co.

Carpentry ( C )

  • 1st Place - Cody Gravil - Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place - Lucas Upchurch - Warren Co.
  • 3rd Place - Devin Lee Gearlds - Monroe Co.

Carpentry 1 ( C1 )

  • 1st Place Daniel Posers - Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place - Kai Andrew Khai - Warren Co.

CNC Milling Specialist (CNCM)

  • 1st Seth Chapman - Barren Co
  • 2nd Josh Wooten - Barren Co.

Computer Maint. Technology ( CMT )

  • 1st Place Logan Boyd - Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place Kevin Perea Warren Co.
  • 3rd Place Matthew Garner - Russellville ATC

Construction Tool Identification (CTI)

  • 1st Place Daniel Powers Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place Jeramie Thompson Russellville ATC

Customer Service (CUS)

  • 1st Place Kaitlyn Foster Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Aidan Rice - Allen Co.

Electric Construction Wiring (ECW)

  • 1st Place Weston Riggs - Barren Co.
  • 2nd Place Cole Wilkinson - Barren Co.

Electronics Technology (ET)

  • 1st Place Tiston Keas - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Sebastian Rolett - Russellville ATC

Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)

  • 1st Place Alex Melton - Franklin Simpson
  • 2nd Place Grace Jones - Allen Co.
  • 3rd Place McKinley Dieterlen - Allen Co.

Extemporneous Writing ( EW )

  • 1st Place Lucas Harrison - Allen Co.
  • 2nd Place Chyanne Funnell - Allen Co.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Cond. amp; Refrig (HVAC)

  • 1st Place Eric Garrison - Barren Co.
  • 2nd Place Zack Scott Barren Co.

Industrial Motor Control (MOTR)

  • 1st Place Makievyn Burgos - Russellville ATC

Job Interview (JI)

  • 1st Place - Devin Walters - Allen Co.

Job Skills Demo A (JSDA)

  • 1st Place Austin Miller - Barren Co.

Job Skills Demo Open (JSDO)

  • 1st Place Joaquin Galben - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Tristan Dill - Russellville ATC

Masonry (M)

  • 1st Place Matt Lile - Franklin Simpson
  • 2nd Place Logan Watkins - Franklin Simpson

Masonry I (M1)

  • 1st Place Michael Herrington - Franklin Simpson

Pin Design (PIN)

  • 1st Place Savannah Bell - Barren Co.

Pledge (PL)

  • 1st Place Ralston Shipley - Allen Co.

Precision Machining Tech (PMT)

  • 1st Place - Jacob Holman - Barren Co.
  • 2nd Place Wesley Hadden - Russellville ATC
  • 3rd Place Chris Mayes - Russellville ATC

Promotional Bulletin Board (BB) Team #1 Member 1

  • 1st Place Macey Young and Elizabeth Young - Franklin Simpson

Quiz Bowl (Quiz)

  • 1st Place Madison Anderson, Noah Kaiser, Dillon Settle, Noah Stahl, Seth Bagby Russellville ATC

Related Technical Math (RTM)

  • 1st Place - Michael Dylan Cardwell - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Dylan Harper - Allen Co.
  • 3rd Place Cory Radcliff - Allen Co.

Skills Spelling (SS)

  • 1st Place Paige Jones - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Maggie Sharp - Russellville ATC
  • 3rd Place Tyler Kirkman - Russellville ATC

Talent Group (TG)

  • 1st Place Paul Hedge and Tristan Dill - Russellville ATC

Technical Board Drafting ( TBD )

  • 1st Place - Travis Tarter - Barren Co.
  • 2nd Place Ralston Shipley - Allen Co.
  • 3rd Place Cory Radcliff - Allen Co.

Technical Drafting CAD ( TD )

  • 1st Place Lucas Harrison - Allen Co.
  • 2nd Place Garrett Cooper - Allen Co.
  • 3rd Place Madison Anderson - Russellville ATC

Transportation Tool ID (TTI)

  • 1st Place Clayton Harwood - Barren Co.
  • 2nd Place Tyler Kirkman - Russellville ATC

Welding (W)

  • 1st Place Chase Williamson - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Hunter Gloyd - Russellville ATC
  • 3rd Place Zach Stradtner - Franklin Simpson

Welding 1 (W1)

  • 1st Place Jacob Hildebrant - Warren Co.
  • 2nd Place Nick Coleman - Russellville ATC
  • 3rd Place - Jacob Hadden - Warren Co.

Welding Fabrication (WF) Team

  • 1st Place Cody Driver, Dakota Hyde, Chris Butt - Franklin Simpson
  • 2nd Place Brennan Wilkinson, Will Steen, Austin Massey Warren Co.
  • 3rd Place Marshall Lewis, Corey Glass, Brandon Belk Warren Co.

Welding Sculpture

  • 1st Place Samantha Sturgill - Russellville ATC
  • 2nd Place Jordan Spurgeon - Franklin Simpson

The contests are organized by and run through a partnership of industry, labor and education. More than 5,500 students from all states advance and compete in the national event.

SkillsUSA is the official U.S. representative to the WorldSkills Competition. For more information about SkillsUSA, go to