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SKYCTC Takes Extra Safety Measures


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.(WBKO) -- A school shooting is the worst fear any place of education has. More than 10 people killed in Oregon last week makes the shooting at Umpqua Community College the deadliest on a college campus in 2015.

It has schools, including other community colleges, thousands of miles away reminding students and staff about safety plans in place.

"We do have a communication plan in place that does include messaging via text if anything were to occur on campus or the local community. We also have good communication with the local police department," said SKYCTC Interim Vice President of Student and Organizational Success, Brooke Justice.

The main campus of SKYCTC in Bowling Green not only has its own security personnel, it also has dozens of cameras covering almost every corner in view with the click of a button.

Students who heard about last week's shooting say it upset them, but doesn't have them worried enough to ask for change.

"We're all close and nice to each other. It's easy to be friendly with each other. Nobody has any problems with each other," commented student Emily Gillespie.

"The fact that it happened at a community college and I'm at a community college, doesn't mean it's going to happen at every community college. As far as gun control, it happens. It can't be controlled literally by anybody. Someone can always find their way to get their hands on a gun," said student Moriah Isomura

The school says it plans to keep safety in foreground, but it's not going to push things any further just yet.

"Currently we don't have any intentions of going forward with metal detectors on campus. We do want to make sure that we still uphold our crisis management plan and included in that plan we'll make sure to do routine evaluations and reviews to see if there are any opportunity for improvements," added Justice.