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Jamie Lindsey benefits from SKY FAME partnership with Delta Faucet

Jaamie Lindsey showing a make co-worker how to operate a advance manufacturing machine,.

A 16-year veteran at Delta Faucet in Morgantown, Kentucky, Maintenance and Safety Manager Jamie Lindsey personally understands the impact of SKYCTC’s SKY FAME program. “Delta Faucet is in a rural area, so we compete with larger cities like Bowling Green to get qualified employees,” says Lindsey. “We realized years ago that we have to grow our employees – and by that I mean I start recruiting a potential employee when they are still in high school. High school students can begin to think about a career at Delta Faucet, and start exploring the SKY FAME program at SKYCTC.”

The SKY FAME program allows students to go to college two days per week, and work at a partnering manufacturer three days per week. The sponsoring company pays the student wages, and when the student graduates, they are well-prepared to enter the workforce, having earned their associate degree and more than 1,800 hours of on-the-job experience. Jamie sees first-hand the abilities of the students who graduate from the SKY FAME program and says the program gives her the advantage of interviewing a candidate over the course of two years rather than a traditional 30-minute interview. “I know a person has to be an elite student to get into the SKY FAME program. By the time the student graduates from the program, I know that they have proven that they will show up for work, have top-notch skills, and work hard – because that’s what they had to demonstrate to graduate,” Lindsey says.

In 2017, Jamie took the opportunity to enroll in the SKY FAME program and calls the decision “life-changing.” Jamie says that by her fourth semester in the SKY FAME program, she was promoted to Team Lead. She soon purchased her dream home. Additionally, having participated in SKY FAME herself, she feels she can be a better leader. “When the students are studying hydraulics and pneumatics in class, I put them on the injection molding side of the facility during their workday, and when the class is studying PLCs, I put them over on the assembly side where there is more automation. This way, they get experience doing what they are learning.”

Jamie says her favorite part of the SKY FAME program is that students graduate from the program debt-free. She shares that today’s SKY FAME students are beginning their career in a better financial situation than she did when she was their age. “Students are graduating from the program and making as much as I did with a degree in business and several years of work experience.”

“At Delta Faucet, we know first-hand that the candidates who graduate from SKYCTC become high-quality employees,” says Jamie. “We could not have a better partner in growing our workforce than the partnership we have with SKYCTC!”