Awards Presented to Five SKYCTC Faculty/Staff

Bowling Green, KY (May 7, 2015) Dr. Phillip Neal, President, Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, announced the 2015 faculty/staff award recipients at the annual Awards Ceremony held on May 7, 2015. Dr. Neal congratulated faculty and staff on their accomplishments and service to the College.

Five award recipients were chosen from a record number of nominations by students, faculty and staff.

Nominations in each category were:

Soaring Beyond Expectations Nominations:
(In recognition of demonstrated achievements in their professional field and exceptional contributions that resulted in a positive impact in the overall function of Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)

  • Dean Avery
  • Kristina Tackett
  • Maria Taylor
  • Rebecca Conner
  • Jim Bronson

Outstanding Service to the Campus Community Nominations:
(In recognition of demonstrated exemplary work ethic, extraordinary impact, and positive connections with student and colleagues at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)

  • Kyle Barron
  • Bertena Varney
  • Loucas Papalouca
  • Janel Doyle
  • Byron Pennycuff
  • Aaron Mullally
  • Mark Brooks

Outstanding Teamwork and Collaboration Nominations:
(In recognition of outstanding teamwork and collaboration by performing beyond the scope of regular job duties and responsibilities at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)

  • Mark Garrett and Josh Henderson
  • Josh Henderson and Mark Garrett
  • Lexie McDaniel, Maria Taylor, Sam Day, and Shawn Stovall
  • Melissa Parocai and Mark Brooks
  • Nursing Faculty Glasgow Health Campus
  • Byron Pennycuff
  • Coni Waggoner and Ellie Adams
  • Nerica Bowie
  • Peggy Hardin and Cedric Whitney
  • Donia Massey

Outstanding Service to Students Mentor Nominations: (full time faculty)
(In recognition of exemplary and extraordinary impact on the lives of students at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)

    Full Time:

  • Aaron Mullally
  • Angela Galloway
  • Bertena Varney
  • Brian Pringle
  • Byron Pennycuff
  • C. David Jones
  • Kandace Crowley
  • Carmen Purpus
  • Charles Chuck Houchens
  • Christina Florence
  • Claudean Ellis
  • Coni Waggoner
  • Debra Crews
  • Rebecca Conner
  • Renee White
  • Edward Fields
  • Ellie Adams
  • Janel Doyle
  • James Peay
  • Jeremy Stephens

  • Jessica Adams
  • Jim Bronson
  • Jon Hunt
  • Kerry Moorman
  • Kerry Turner
  • Kristina Tackett
  • Lauren Graves
  • Lonnie Vincent
  • Marcia Fuller
  • Mark Powell
  • Mike Greer
  • Mike Riggs
  • Maggie Hook
  • Lisa Hunt
  • Leah Wendt
  • Ruth Hunley
  • Ryan Sandefur
  • Shellena Smith
  • Sherita Clark
  • Sherry Youngquist
  • Steve Hatcher

Part Time:

  • Cameron White
  • Wren Mills
  • Stephanie Morris
  • Yolanda Hicks
  • Thomas "Lee" Anderson
  • Mary Pringle

This year s award recipients were:

Outstanding Service to the Campus Community Award:

  • Loucas Papalouca

Outstanding Teamwork and Collaboration Award:

  • Donia Massey

Soaring Beyond Expectations Award:

  • Kristina Tackett

Student Mentor Award:

  • Full Time: Bertena Varney

  • Part Time: Wren Mills