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SKYCTC Faculty/Staff Awards


Bowling Green, KY (May 10, 2017) – Dr. Phillip Neal, President, Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, announced the 2016-17 faculty/staff award recipients at the annual Awards Ceremony held on May 10, 2017. Dr. Neal congratulated faculty and staff on their accomplishments and service to the College.

Five award recipients were chosen from nominations by students, faculty and staff. 

Nominees and award winners in each category were:

Soaring Beyond Expectations Nominations:
(In recognition of demonstrated achievements in their professional field and exceptional contributions that resulted in a positive impact in the overall function of Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College) 

Kathrine Lefevre– Award Recipient
David Jones - Nominee
Chris Royse - Nominee
Dr. Renee White - Nominee
Jason Lindsey - Nominee
Maggie Fose - Nominee

Outstanding Service to the Campus Community Nominations:
(In recognition of demonstrated exemplary work ethic, extraordinary impact, and positive connections with student and colleagues at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)
Jason Lindsey – Award Recipient
Amy Norrod - Nominee
Rita Shrull - Nominee
Peggy Hardin - Nominee
Bertena Varney - Nominee
Tammy Mandeville - Nominee
Carmen Purpus - Nominee
Jim Bronson - Nominee
Amanda Defevers - Nominee
Debra Crews - Nominee
Amanda Browning - Nominee

Outstanding Teamwork and Collaboration Nominations:
(In recognition of outstanding teamwork and collaboration by performing beyond the scope of regular job duties and responsibilities at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)
Leah Wendt and Dr. Renee White – Award Recipients
Building J Allied Health and Nursing Faculty and Staff:  Jim Bronson, Ken McKenney, Debra Crews, Sonya Corder, Myria Harris, Nikki Caudill, Lori Slaughter, and Josh Bradford. (Nominees)
Career Pathways Team Member:  Brooke Justice, Shawn Stovall, Amanda Browning, Josh Henderson, Millie Wells. (Nominees)
Brian Becker (Nominee)

Outstanding Service to Students Mentor Nominations:  
(In recognition of exemplary and extraordinary impact on the lives of students at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College)

Full Time Faculty:

Jim Bronson - Award Recipient
Ellie Adams - Nominee
Kyle Barron - Nominee
Kristine Barron - Nominee
Sherita Clark - Nominee
Sam Day - Nominee
Esther French - Nominee
Chris Hagan - Nominee
Maggie Fose - Nominee
Kristie Lee - Nominee
Carolyn Morris - Nominee
Aaron Mullally - Nominee
Bruce Poteet - Nominee
Carmen Purpus - Nominee
Chris Royse - Nominee
Jeremy Stephens - Nominee
Coni Waggoner - Nominee
Teresa Ward - Nominee

Part Time Faculty:

Jacob Fose – Award Recipient
Susan Devore - Nominee
Hanna Digges-Elliott - Nominee
Jackie Gibbons - Nominee
Denise Hardesty - Nominee

Student of the Year Award:
The nominees in this category are for recognition of their academic accomplishments and campus involvement.  The following students have already won the student of the month award

Mary Maple Student of the Month February 2017– Award Recipient
Kaitlin Gray student of the Month September 2016 - Nominee
Jaclyn (Trinity) Swaney student of the month October 2016 - Nominee
Leslie VanEvery student of the month March 2017 - Nominee

Faculty promotions for the year were:

Esther French to Assistant Professor
Deborah Banks to Assistant Professor
Joseph Case to Assistant Professor
Chris Hagan to Assistant Professor
Bruce Poteet to Assistant Professor
Carmen Purpus to Assistant Professor
James Turner to Assistant Professor
Sherry Youngquist to Assistant Professor
Phillip Stagner to Associate Professor
Amy Norrod to Associate Professor
Christopher Royse to Associate professor
Jessica Adams to Associate Professor
Jeremy Stephens to Associate Professor
Viren Patel to Associate Professor
Brian Sparks to Professor
Chuck Houchens to Professor
Loucas Papalouca to Professor

New Faculty Mentors were also recognized. They are: Amy Norrod, Angie Harlan, Chris Royse, and Diane Wilkins.