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Sinister on Center Take Haunted Manor to Whole New Level

Written by Charles Riley SurfKY Reporterlady in front of haunted house

Sinister on Center opened its doors Friday, Sept., 26 in downtown Central City. Sinister on Center is a haunted house attraction, which opened last year as The Haunted Manor.

Sinister on Center is hosted in Wheeldon Manor, a historic apartment building that has been visited by eight paranormal investigative teams visit this year alone. One of the teams traveled from Iowa to study the building and the paranormal activity which reportedly has taken place there.

Jason Dillihay, who owns Wheeldon Manor, said he hopes Sinister on Center will be an annual Halloween attraction.

"Last year, we only had a few weeks to work on the Haunted Manor," said Dillihay. "We renamed the attraction Sinister on Center and started working on it last November. This year, we have 37 rooms, seven hallways and a 1,500-square-foot blackout maze that visitors must traverse in order to leave the attraction. It is pitch black and made to force people into dead ends before they find their way out. With the addition of the maze, we expect it to take people about 25 minutes to work their way through the house."

College training in robotics and automation is helping the crew create more exciting exhibits for Sinister on Center.

"This year, we have added automatons to the rooms," said Brent James, a close associate of Dillihay. "Jason and I attended South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College and received certification in robotics and automation. We built these automatons from the ground up including programming each one. We have spent a lot of time on this project and the attraction will grow every year as we build upon what we have done in the past."

Sinister on Center has a crew of 28 volunteers who will be made up by professional makeup artists to represent various types of monsters and ghosts, however, the attraction will feature no movie or TV inspired characters.

Two men in front of haunted house"This year's haunted house will be an improvement over last year s," said Dillihay. "That is saying a low because last year's haunted house was awesome. Concessions will be served for those waiting in line but they will be limited to popcorn, nachos, hot chocolate and water. Parental discretion is encouraged as we have no age limit for any child to enter, but the attraction is frightening and it may be hard on younger children to make it through without becoming very scared."

Sinister on Center is now open 7 p.m. through 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights. It will remain open until Halloween. Sinister on Center will not close at midnight if there are people in line to get in. Everyone in the line will have the opportunity to enter the attraction before it closes.

Photo by Charles Riley

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