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SKY Scholars Recognized at Event

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On Monday, April 24, 2017, Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) honored SKY Scholars at the second annual graduation Ceremony on the Colleges main campus. 

SKY Scholars are students who scored into transitional reading (RDG 30) and per the Limited Enrollment Plan of the QEP, are enrolled in RDG 30 and FYE 105 courses during their first semester at SKYCTC. We offer 2 sections of Learning Communities where students have 2 different instructors but the same students in each course. They meet back to back and students are in one classroom for both classes. Students who not enrolled in the Learning Community sections generally have the same students in each course. These paired courses gives these students a chance to build some solid friendships over the course of the semester via class assignments and collaborative activities. 

The purpose of this ceremony is to celebrate their achievements during their first semester at SKYCTC and encourage them to continue their academic journey until they walk across the stage a second time for their chosen credential! 

SKY Scholars recognized at this year’s ceremony were: 

SKY Scholar Valedictorians - Raiven Hite, Jonathan Gill, Farheen Komal & Raleigh Weeks

SKY Scholar Salutatorians - Patience Pokuaa, Ava Tuck, & Sam Jones

Morgan Abston, James Buckner**, *Jamie Cole***, Naighee Conn, Hayley Copus, Kriscia Diaz***, Kaitlyn Duncan***, Brittney Fox**, Jonathan Gill***, *Deron Grey***, Kori Hendricks, Emily Hite**, *Raiven Hite***, *Chris Hornsby**, Kayla Hyams, Jordan Jones, Ashley Jones***, Sam Jones***, *Rehman Kahlid***,  Farheen Komal***, McCullen Martin, Dunia Mohammed***, *Gzim Mustafa, Thomas Neal** *Patience Pokuaa***, *Christian Price, Amy Raval**, Paige Russell**, Lewis Sarpee, Ethan Sowder, Patsy Stinson***, *Dal Tamang***, *Mina Tamang***, Zachery Terrell, Jennifer Thomas**, Ava Tuck***, aleigh Weeks***, Mariah Young**

 * denotes Perfect Attendance
** With Distinction 3.0-3.4
***With High Distinction 3.5-4.0

SKY Scholars were awarded certificates for academic achievement as well as perfect attendance. SKY Scholars who earn the highest score in the course were deemed SKY Scholar Valedictorian and Salutatorian.