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SKYCTC event in Barren County presents info to students on local career opportunities

Eveningwith Industry card with scenes from SKYCTC
Written by Jackson French - Bowling Green Daily News

GLASGOW Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College will provide area students with a chance Tuesday to learn more about the work and educational opportunities in and around Barren County.
An Evening with Industry starts at 5:30 p.m. Attendance is free.

According to Amy Irwin, Barren County Schools' College amp; Career Development coordinator, the event will begin at Barren County High School's auditorium but take place largely in the school's Area Technology Center.

She said the district has invited middle school students to the event for the first time this year.
"I feel like there's an increased effort as kids approach high school to show them our programs and how they tie into the industry," she said.

Students can learn about potential career opportunities at booths manned by representatives from SKyCTC and various companies in the area, Irwin said.

The event is a boon for students planning to enter the workforce shortly after graduation because it provides them with knowledge about what opportunities are out there and what skills the companies require of applicants, she said.

"It makes them see the connection between our curriculum and the industry and how that ties in with their success in the job market," she said.

Mark Powell, coordinator of administrative services at SKyCTC, said the college, local industries and Barren County's schools have united through this event.

"For the majority of these industries, we've trained probably 30 to 40 percent of their industrial employees," he said. "Industry supports us and we support them. We partner with them any chance we get."
About a dozen companies will be present at the event to tell students about the opportunities they offer and the qualifications students need to work there, including Span Tech LLC, Kingsford Manufacturing Company in Metcalfe County, which will provide and grill the event's dinner, and T.J. Samson Community Hospital, Powell said.

The event, held yearly since 2007, began when the now-defunct Barren River Adult Vocational Education Consortium coordinated with SKyCTC about helping expand the local business employment base, Powell said.
"They wanted to get the young interested in industry because their employment base was dwindling," he said.
This year, SKyCTC is expecting a record turnout of 350 to 400, compared with an average turnout of 200 or so, Powell said, adding that the high school has advertised the event more than in previous years.