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Students walking on college campus tourThe Adult Education Program of Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) recently held an event they call the Adult College Readiness Day for current Warren County Adult Education students as well as graduates of the program.

Approximately 100 students earning their GED or learning English were able to explore taking the next step in the educational journey, earning a college degree.

At the event, the students were able to explore programs at SKYCTC in Culinary Arts, Allied Health and Nursing, General Education Classes, as well as programs in Applied Technology, Business, and Information Technology.

Our students in the Adult Education Center come for many reasons, says Brian Becker, Director of Adult Education at SKYCTC. Some come to learn English or earn a GED, and some of them come to study for their college exam so they can enroll in SKYCTC.

Photo of Tatiane on computer learning EnglishOne of the SKYCTC Adult Education students that attended was Tatiane Costa from Brazil.

Just seven months ago, Tatiane lived in a remote town in Brazil where she operated a women s clothing store. After several setbacks in her life, including losing a baby in childbirth, she became depressed and did not know what, or if any, future she had.

She decided to sell her store and relocate to the United States where she met her husband. She spoke only Portuguese so she had to use a translation app on a phone to even communicate him.

Tatiane visited many places not knowing where to settle until she heard about a program in Bowling Green, Kentucky that could help her to learn English and assist her in getting a college degree in the field she loved, Culinary Arts.

The tour at the College helped me understand even more that I want a college degree in Culinary Arts andCollege president taking a selfie of himself and people at a meeting eventually start my own restaurant here in Bowling Green, Tatiane said.

A high school education is very important, but it is predicted that by the year 2020, 56% of all jobs in KY will require some amount of college in addition to a high school degree, says Becker. All of us at Adult Education are here to help our students expand their opportunities and go to college, and we want them to know that they are never too old to pursue college! We all believe in the power of education, he said.

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