Barren County

About US:
Barren County Adult Education Center serves adult learners in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Our programs are designed to aide and assist a diverse group of adult learners who need to improve their educational goals for employment, continued education, or personal achievement. We look forward to working with you to makes your goals for success a reality.

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

We are located on the Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College "Health Campus"
129 State Ave
Building F
Glasgow, KY 42141

(270) 901-4362

Social Media:
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Class Schedule:
*Your enrollment advisor will help you plan your academic schedule based on your current needs.

Literacy (Reading, Language, Math) Monday Thursday 9:00-12:00
Math Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00-10:00
Reading Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-11:00
Language Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00-12:00
ELL (formerly ESL) Monday, Tuesday 9:00-12:00
Tuesday 1:00-3:00
GED Prep (RLA, Science, Social Studies, Math) Monday, Wednesday 1:00-3:00
Evening Classes
EL Civics Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:30-7:30
GED/ABE Monday 3:00-7:30
ELL (formerly ESL) Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-7:30

GED graduations are typically held in June.

Staff Profile
Joda Johnson is the coordinator of the Barren County campus. She has been in Adult Education for 16 years with the last 4 years at the Barren County campus. Joda loves teaching and helping others find their paths on life s journey. Joda volunteers with the Toys for Tots and Team Grace each year and sits on many advisory boards for schools in Warren and Barren County.

Suzy Muzyka is the Office Support Associate for the Barren County Campus. Suzy coordinates orientation and GED scheduling. She is also our official handy woman of the office.

Teresa Hubbard is the math instructor and overseas the corrections program. She has been with Barren County Adult Education for 10 years. Proactive, determined, tenacious, and an advocate. I raise the bar high for myself and those around me. Excellence is worth the effort.

Jennifer Bannister is the EL Civics instructor. Jennifer started with the school in October 2015. She is on the Advisory Board at Highland Elementary in Glasgow and many other programs.

Jennifer Bunch is the ELL (formerly ESL instructor). She also teaches beginning ABE and Workplace Essential Skills. Jennifer teaches at various schools in Barren County as a substitute. I believe that as long as a person is breathing they are learning, and as long as they are learning, they are preparing for a better tomorrow!

Carmon Daugherty is a corrections and lab instructor at the Barren County Campus. Carmon teaches at various schools in Barren County as a substitute. "I did not think I could love adult learners as much as I do little learners but I do! I am a GED Instructor at the Barren County Regional Jail and I love it! I also enjoy helping students that come to our center. This is the most awesome job ever!"

Donnita England teaches all subjects in corrections and evening GED classes. She also teaches social studies and science in the GED Prep fast-track classes. Donnita teaches at various schools in Barren County as a substitute. "Teaching is my passion in life and completes me! I've been in the education/training realm for 25 plus years. I received my BS and RANK II degrees from WKU and hold a KY Teaching Certificate. I am a firm believer anyone can learn regardless of age. One of my favorite quotes is - 'Never let another person's opinion, decide your worth.'"

Kathy Bunch teaches all subjects in the low beginning ABE classes. She is a retired teacher and principal from several school systems. Teaching is absolutely the best job in the world! The Barren County Center has the best students and co-workers ever! This place is awesome!