Progress Report | SKYCTC

Progress Report

I am very proud of SKYCTC’s dedication during the 2022-23 academic year. We continued to work as a team to provide high-quality educational opportunities as we rebounded from an unprecedented worldwide health crisis. This progress report outlines many of the successes we achieved in the last 12 months. We have always valued student success, employee development, and community service, and those goals drove us to pivot and innovate to continue offering classes and services in flexible and accessible ways.

I submit for your review the 2022-23 Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Strategic Plan Progress Report, providing an overview of our goals and accomplishments.

In 2022-23, our team continues to be laser-focused on expanding our agility, responsiveness, flexibility for various populations inside and outside the institution. Among the many accomplishments in meeting the needs of our region, we offered new training options to students and industry, and expanded access avenues that encourage diversity and affordability. From early access opportunities for our high school partners, to flexible instructional delivery models, to additional collegiate credentialing options and transfer pathways, you will be delighted to see the progress.

In a dynamic atmosphere where we are blessed with economic strength and its impact on enrollment, I would like to express my gratitude to those who tirelessly continued our march towards enhancing the South Central Kentucky workforce and improving the quality of life for citizens across our region. The SKYCTC Board of Directors has taken an active role in College events, as well as approving the goals embodied in our Strategic Plan. The strategic planning process has been enhanced to include quality employee engagement, which is an integral part of our shared governance model.

As the journey moves forward, we will continue creating world-class education and training opportunities … our students and region deserves it. Thank you for your ongoing support and leadership.

Dr. Phillip Neal
President and CEO

Our Vision

A world-class college educating South Central Kentucky’s globally competitive workforce.

Our Values

  • Caring culture
  • Lifelong learning and balance
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Quality, excellence and continuous improvement
  • Ethical, open and accountable
  • Data and outcome informed decision-making
  • Inclusion, equity, respect and global diversity
  • Community development, collaboration and teamwork

Our Mission

SKYCTC will improve South Central Kentucky's economic prosperity through higher education focused on career development, community partnerships, and economic growth.

Our Goals

  1. Improve Learner Success
  2. Improve Employment Success
  3. Increase Organizational Success

The strategic plan serves as a guide for planning and decision-making. Priorities are developed and budgeting is allocated in accordance with the strategic plan. The strategic plan is comprised of three goals and implemented across all functional areas in the College. These three goals are in support of the College’s mission.

The Planning Process

The three goals of the strategic plan utilize performance indicators to gage and assess goal attainment. Also, all major offices, divisions, and units focus their action strategies on the accomplishment of the strategic plan. Strategic goals are identified with the input of faculty, staff, students, the Board of Directors, and members of the community. Additionally, the Board of Directors, Academic and Student Affairs, and Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Accountability Committees provides direction to the Strategic Planning Team.


  • Grow enrollment at SKYCTC to meet the needs of the region by expanding the number and diversity of learners achieving their career and lifelong learning goals.
  • Leverage proven practices to increase learner success through the completion of credential pathways and (credit and non-credit) industry training, including
    • transfer to four-year institutions (bachelors or employment)
    • employment entry, re-entry, or upskilling

Academic Year Enrollment - Exceed prior year
Unduplicated total enrollment headcount (for credit) in most recently completed academic year (summer, fall, spring)

  • Target: 5,975
  • 2022-23 Unofficial: 6,191

Two Year Persistence - Increase over prior cohort
Unduplicated percentage of students entering in the fall semester who earn a credential at the initial institution by the end of the following academic year, transfer by the end of the following academic year, or are still enrolled at the initial institution at any time during the following academic year

  • 2019-20 (2017 Cohort)
    • SKYCTC: 63.20% (KCTCS Rank: 7)
    • KCTCS: 61.10%
  • 2020-21 (2018 Cohort)
    • SKYCTC: 68.00% (KCTCS Rank: 4)
    • KCTCS: 61.80%
  • 2021-22 (2019 Cohort)
    • SKYCTC: 68.60% (KCTCS Rank: 1)
    • KCTCS: 61.30%
  • 2022-23 (2020 Cohort)*
    • SKYCTC: 67.30%
    • KCTCS: 62%

*Final data due March/April 2023

2022 - 2023 Actions

  • Expand Access and Affordability
    • The nursing program added sponsorships, work and learn type programs in conjunction with Med Center Health and TJ Regional Health for students in the RN or PN programs at SKYCTC. Both facilities cover program expenses in different manners.
    • The SKYCTC Merit Scholarship was implemented to provide first-time first-year students (who meet specific requirements) an opportunity for a renewable scholarship that covers all or most of their tuition at SKYCTC.
    • TRiO’s Student Support Services (SSS) served 140 low-income first-generation learners. The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) assisted 850 adult learners with access to higher education.
    • The Advanced Manufacturing Technology division began promoting the use of the Work Ready scholarship to potential students and began scheduling meetings with TRiO representatives for student assistance with FAFSA/Financial Aid.
    • The SKYFlex content delivery method expanded within the AMT division allowing students to come to class one day a week, and work more, thus allowing for lower educational expenses.
  • Improve Wraparound Support Services
    • 98% of all faculty and staff completed Mental Health First Aid training that enables them to identify and help colleagues and students struggling with mental health issues.
    • SKYFAME implemented individualized student success meetings. The Success Coach met with students and their parents one-on-one via TEAMS to increase retention and job placement within the SKYFAME program. SKYFAME students had a 85.7% retention rate, and a 100% placement rate for those participants.
    • The Allied Health and Nursing Division received a $200,000 Healthcare Collaborative Workforce Funding grant and was able to hire allied health and nursing tutors.
    • Expansion of the TRiO student support programs led to exceeding goals for the year.
  • Optimize Credit Programming
    • Increased use of SKYCast interactive television rooms at remote campus locations to better serve students who were unable to attend classes on the main campus.
    • Began offering Elementary Education pathway courses at the Glasgow Health campus through the use of SKYCast technology.
    • Expansion of offerings on campus and online classes, along with credentialing more teachers in the high schools allowed for growth of the dual credit program, which served a record high 1,321 students for Fall 2022.
    • Increased cohort size of Bowling Green RN program
    • The Medical Laboratory Technician program began admitting students for the Spring 23 semester.
    • A full-time Chemistry instructor was hired to help with expansion of STEM Pathways.
  • Expand workforce training to ensure skilled talent to meet employer and economic development needs.
  • Strengthen industry and transfer partnerships to enhance programs and improve speed to work to ensure a skilled talent pipeline to grow Kentucky’s economy.

Targeted Industry Sector Credentials - Maintain or increase number of credentials awarded in targeted industry sectors
Credentials awarded in academic programs aligned with the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board’s Targeted Industry Sectors (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; Information Technology, Business and Finance; and Construction)

  • 2022-23
    • Target: 2,133
    • Actual: TBD

Post KCTCS Outcomes - Increase transfer or employment rate outcomes over prior year
Percentage of non-returning credential earners (degree, diploma, certificate) in one academic year that enroll at a four-year institution or are employed and earn a wage greater than or equal to the federal poverty level in the following academic year

  • 2018-19 (KCTCS Rank: 3)
    • SKYCTC - 79.00%
    • KCTCS - 73.10%
  • 2019-20 (KCTCS Rank: 2)
    • SKYCTC - 82.40%
    • KCTCS - 73.00%
  • 2020-21 (KCTCS Rank: 2)
    • SKYCTC - 80.90%
    • KCTCS - 72.30%
  • 2021-22 (KCTCS Rank: 2)
    • SKYCTC - 78.10%
    • KCTCS - 70.60%
  • 2022-23 (Target) Actual TBD
    • SKYCTC - 79.50%
    • KCTCS - 71.70%

2022 - 2023 Actions

  • Enhance Transfer Pathways and Curriculum Alignment with Industry
    • The nursing programs added the sponsorship programs from Med Center Health and TJ Regional Health.
    • SKYCTC collaborated with CPE and Western Kentucky University to develop strategies to improve transfer between the two institutions as part of the National Association of System Heads (NASH) Network Improvement Community (NIC) Initiative. This included a WKU Advising Summit and presentation as part of the Fall 2022 Academic Affairs meeting.
    • The process of evaluating transcripts became more consistent throughout KCTCS by entering the transfer credit into transcript express.
    • The Industrial Maintenance Technology Program began advocating for students to pursue the AAS degree if they wish to pursue a BS 2+2 program.
    • SKYFAME faculty met with industry sponsors each month to discuss students’ performance in the program and get feedback on industry needs/requests.
  • Maximize Graduate/Industry Connections
    • Implemented the use of Handshake, a tool that connects local industry with students seeking employment. SKYCTC led the system in Handshake adoption.
    • TJ Regional Health offered a shared employee as nursing faculty. The employee is employed by TJ Regional Health but spends 100% of his time teaching lab/clinical for the nursing programs.
    • Expanded recruitment events to include a partnership with MAGNA, additional high schools and SKYDIVE, (Southcentral Kentucky Developing the Incarcerated with a Valuable Education) partnership to provide student support and advising for incarcerated individuals.
    • The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies division invited program advisory committee members to classroom/lab time giving students one-on-one discussion opportunities with potential employers. Some students acquired a job as a result.
  • Expand Community Education and Customized Industry Training
    • Growth in customized industry training classes included an expansion of the Frontline Leadership Academy with Houchens industries, growth in the CDL Driver Training Program, and the best year to date for the usage of TRAINS funding to offset the cost of customized training.
    • TRiO’s Educational Opportunity Center connected with individuals at over 100 community partners across the service area.
  • Invest in human, physical, and operational infrastructure to promote long-term sustainability
  • Expand recognition and value of SKYCTC
  • Ensure an engaged Board of Directors

Employee Retention Rate - Maintain or improve employee retention over year
The retention rate of regular KCTCS employees during the academic year

  • 2021-22
    • 80.40%
  • 2022-23
    • 81%
  • 2022-23 (Target)
    • 81.70%

Alternative Revenue - Increase the amount and number of sources of external revenue
Annual dollar amount of financial contributions from grants, contracts, advancement, and other external sources and endowment income

  • 2019-20
    • $556,563
  • 2020-21
    • $673,027
  • 2021-22
    • $585,837
  • 2022-23 (Unofficial)
    • $1,113,541

2022 - 2023 Actions

  • Enhance Compensation, Benefits, and Organizational Culture
    • SKYCTC was named a 2022 Best Places to Work winner, making it the ninth time the College earned the distinction.
    • Remote Fridays and a flexible summer schedule were utilized for Summer 2022.
    • Utilizing the 21-22 salary schedule, SKYCTC continued the Pathway to Market practice of bringing full-time staff pay to market level of their pay band if criteria has been met.
    • Began new employee announcement communications to include employee photos and information.
    • Hosted campus-wide events including Night at the Ballpark for SKYCTC faculty, staff and their families.
    • Hosted Fall Convocation off-site at the National Corvette Museum.
    • Promoted Healthy at Work initiatives including the creation of the Wellness Committee, Mental Health First Aid training and Healthy Lifestyle Challenges.
  • Improve Campus Infrastructure
    • New security camera software was added allowing cross-communication/viewing with local and state law enforcement agency in real-time.
    • Initiated plans for remodel of Buildings A and D on the Main Campus, as well as a new sign.
    • Expanded the number of SKYCast capable rooms.
    • Increased campus wifi coverage.
  • Market SKYCTC’s Value and Grow Community Support
    • Launched SKYDIVE (Southcentral Kentucky Developing the Incarcerated with a Valuable Education) in Simpson County to aid in helping the incarcerated take for-credit courses.
    • SKYCTC hosted the HOSA regional competition where over 300 students from 14 different high schools competed in various categories.
  • Ensure an engaged Board of Directors
    • Endorsed the College’s Strategic Plan and Budget
    • Performed the annual performance assessment of the College President
    • Completed individual and group Board of Directors’ performance assessment
    • Participated in committee meetings
    • Participated in Board of Directors Meetings
    • Members attended the ACCT Leadership Congress in New York