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Progress Report

I am very proud of SKYCTC’s dedication during the 2020-21 academic year. It has been unlike any other in history, but we worked together as a team to continue providing high-quality educational opportunities during an unprecedented worldwide health crisis. This progress
report outlines many of the successes we achieved in the last 12 months. We have always valued student success, employee development, and community service, and those values drove us to pivot and innovate to continue offering classes and services remotely as well as through hybrid

I submit for your review, the 2020-21 Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Strategic Plan Progress Report, providing an overview of our goals and accomplishments.

Even though the pandemic limited our access to students, community partners, and industries, we continued our laser-focus on maintaining engagement activities with various populations inside and outside the institution. Among the many accomplishments in meeting the needs of
our region, we offered new academic and training opportunities, and are expanding access avenues that encourage diversity and affordability. I hope you will be delighted to see the progress.

In a dynamic atmosphere where we are blessed with economic strength and its impact
on enrollment, I would like to express my gratitude to those who tirelessly continued
our march towards enhancing the South Central Kentucky workforce and improving
the quality of life for citizens across our region. The SKYCTC Board of Directors has
taken an active role in College events as well as approving the goals embodied in our
Strategic Plan. The strategic planning process has been enhanced to include quality
employee engagement, which is an integral part of our shared governance model.

As the journey moves forward, we will continue creating world-class education and
training opportunities … our students and region deserves it. Thank you for your
ongoing support and leadership.

Dr. Phillip Neal
President and CEO

Our Vision

A world-class college educating South Central Kentucky’s globally competitive workforce.

Our Values

  • Caring culture
  • Lifelong learning and balance
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Quality, excellence and continuous improvement
  • Ethical, open and accountable
  • Data and outcome informed decision-making
  • Inclusion, equity, respect and global diversity
  • Community development, collaboration and teamwork

Our Mission

SKYCTC’s mission is to improve the quality of life through education focused on career development, community partnerships, and economic growth.

Our Goals

  1. Increase the educational attainment level in South Central Kentucky by positioning SKYCTC as the most accessible and affordable option in postsecondary education

  2. Close achievement gaps and improve overall student success by enhancing student engagement

  3. Align services and curriculum with the regional workforce and economic development needs
  4. Increase connections with educational providers and employers to provide students expanded transfer opportunities, career pathways, experiential learning, and job placement services

  5. Ensure an active and engaged Board of Directors

The strategic plan serves as a guide for planning and decision-making. Priorities are developed and budgeting is allocated in accordance with the strategic plan. The strategic plan is comprised of five goals and implemented across all functional areas in the College. These five goals are in support of the College’s mission.

The Planning Process

The five goals of the strategic plan utilize performance indicators to gauge and assess goal attainment. Also, all major offices, divisions and units focus their action strategies on the accomplishment of the strategic plan. Strategic goals are identified with the input of faculty, staff, students, the Board of Directors, and members of the community. Additionally the Board of Directors’ Efficiency, Effectiveness and Accountability Committee provides direction to the Strategic Planning Team.


We have six campus locations.

Increase the educational attainment level in South Central Kentucky by positioning SKYCTC as the most accessible and affordable option in postsecondary education

  • Fall Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) as delivering college
    Exceed prior Fall FTE
    • FTE increased from 2582.5 in the Fall of 2018 to 2597.46 in the Fall of 2019
  • Dual Credit Headcount Exceed prior academic year unduplicated dual credit headcount
    • Dual Credit Headcount increased from 1714 during the 2018 school year to 1728 in the 2019 school year.
  • Affordability
    Affordability index goal is to be 50% or less than that of a four-year institution.
    • In the 2017-18 school year SKYCTC Affordability index was 43.30% of a 4 year Institution.

2020 - 2021 Actions

  • Improve Access
    • Launched an electronic application process in the Nursing and Allied Health Division
    • Offered dual credit online to the largest extent ever
    • Hosted a series of virtual presentations with area high schools promoting the career pathways tool
    • Created SKYCTC quick links for high school counselor career
    • Hosted a series of college admission workshops
    • Hosted virtual meetings with high school counselors on topics of admissions and dual credit
    • Created an interactive Virtual Tour for students to learn  about academics and services
    • Offered job shadowing opportunities through the CAP center
  • Increase Affordability
    • Hired additional financial aid counselors
    • Matriculated 40 additional dual credit students that were awarded the DC to Finish Scholarship
    • Hosted virtual meetings with high school counselors on financial aid
    • Revamped the Outreach and Communication Plan in Financial
    • Implemented a new Student Satisfaction Survey for Financial Aid
    • Established past due payment options for students
    • Increased Dual Credit scholarships through United Way funds by $18,000
    • Increased SKYCTC Foundation Scholarship awards by $109,000

Close achievement gaps and improve overall student success by enhancing student engagement

  • Total Credentials Awarded Exceed prior academic year total credentials awarded in technical and transfer categories.
    • Total credentials awarded went from 2373 in 2018-19 to 2757 projected in 2019-20.
  • Graduation Rate - Total Cohort
    Increase graduation rate of full-time, first-time degree seeking undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% (3 years) of normal time as reported to International Post-Secondary Education Database System (IPEDS).
    • Graduation Rate
      • 2018-19 Target 31.10%
      • 2018-19 Actual 36.40%
      • 2021-22 Goal 34.10%
  • CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement)
    Score at or above CCSSE mean of 50.0 in the following categories:
    • Active Learning
      • SKYCTC 50.1
    • Student Effort
      • SKYCTC 51.8
    • Academic Challenge
      • SKYCTC 47.4
    • Faculty Interaction
      • SKYCTC 52.2
    • Support for Learners
      • SKYCTC 51.1

2020 - 2021 Action

  • Increase Staudent Retention and Completion
    • Streamed classes between the Main Campus and Glasgow Health Campus to provide more options for students
    • Hired staff to manage the TRIO Student Support Services grant designed to serve low income and first generation students
    • Implemented the use of Proctorio, to facilitate collegewide
      remote exam proctoring
    • Assigned a student ambassador to First Year
      Experience students for mentorship and support Provided additional faculty training for digital learning Quality Assurance
    • Launched the signal vine texting platform for communication with students for retention and outreach efforts
    • Revitalized the mathematics emporium lab on the main campus
    • The Math and Sciences division expanded tutoring access to unprecedented levels using tutors, Brainfuse online technology, and virtual tutoring through Microsoft Teams
    • Replaced 55 classroom laptops
    • Gained access through the Kentucky Virtual Library to Ebsco’s Academic ebook collection which includes 200,000+ titles across many disciplines
    • Created an ongoing mentor outreach program for students that requested aid through the StudentEmergency Fund
  • Foster a Culturally Inclusive Campus Climate
    • Began implementation of the Cultural Climate Study, with a followup survey scheduled for April 2021
    • Expanded job posting information with organizations that reach the diverse populations of our community
    • Participated in a mentorship program for latina girls
    • Promoted diversity with social media heritage content
  • Strengthen SKYCTC as an Employer
    • Submitted the College’s fifth-year interim accreditation report to SACSCOC without any issues
    • Recognized as one of the 2021 Best Places to Work
    • Scheduled regular meetings to provide employees retirement benefit information
    • Increased security presence during institutional closure and upgraded first aid kits on Main and KATI campuses
    • Rolled out 30 portable internet hotspots to assist with pandemic response capabilities
    • Distributed 250 new laptop computers to better facilitate remote work for faculty and staff

Increase connections with educational providers and employers to provide students expanded transfer opportunities, career pathways, experiential learning, and job placement services

  • Associate Degree Graduates Who Transfer
    Increase percent of associate degree earners who enrolled at a four-year institution within one academic year of associate degree completion.
    • SKYCTC increased the percent of transferring degree earners from 39.30% in 2017-18 to 33.40% in 2010-21.
  • Experiential Learning - Diploma and AAS Graduates
    Increase percent of diploma and degree earners participating in experiential learning type: clinicals, co-ops, internships, and service learning with passing grade.
    • Precent of AAS and Diploma earners participating in an experiential learning experience 59.60% in 2018-19 target for 2021-22 is 72.30%
  • Dual Credit Success Rate
    Exceed prior year number of former dual credit students earning an associate degree at SKYCTC.
    • The number of former Dual Credit students earning an Associate Degree in 2017-18 was 175 that increased to 208 in 2018-19.

2020 - 2021 Actions

  • Increase Transfer Career Pathways
    • Staffed the CAP center with transfer advisors with specific
      knowledge of transfer to various four year institutions
  • Increase Technical Career Pathways
    • Expanded transfer agreements in the areas of Medical
      Information and Business
    • Added the General IT track to increase flexibility of offerings for students
  • Increase Availability of Work Based Learning
    • Joined with Greenview Regional Hospital to offer students a
      unique clinical experience through a dedicated education unit
    • Developed an apprenticeship proposal document through
      Workforce Solutions that was established as the systemwide

Align services and curriculum with the regional workforce and economic development needs

  • Workforce Credit Hours Conversion
    Increase the number of credit hours delivered through workforce non-credit (clock hour conversion to credit hours).
    • Increased from 843 in 2017-18 to 1,418 in 2018-19
  • Licensure & Certificate Pass Rate
    Increase the number of students in completer cohort who achieve a passing grade on their first attempt of licensure exam within one year divided by the number of students in completer cohort who sat for the first-time to take the exam within one year.
    • 90.20% in AY 2019
  • Workforce Points of Contact
    Exceed prior year number of businesses and individuals served.
    • 5,662 Points of Contact in 2019
    • 6,785 Points of Contact as of 4/1/20

2020 - 2021 Actions

  • Increase Non-Credit Training Offerings
    • Developed two new TRAINS projects with Crown and Kobe
    • Began participation in a 3D printing project grant
    • Maintained a 99% licensing rate through the CDL program
  • Expand Community Engagement
    • Sponsored and participated in the Junior Achievement Inspire Virtual Career Fair as the Keynote Speaker
    • Received a donation of eight robot units from a local manufacturer allowing for instructional expansion offerings at the Glasgow, Franklin, and Transpark locations
    • Hosted a graduation Drive-Thru Event
    • Conducted an employee giving campaign remotely and raised more than $10,000
    • Exceeded 500 alumni contacts on social media and developed monthly alumni spotlights
    • Dr. Tonya Lanphier (Sociology) had a paper published in The
      Community College Enterprise
    • David Jones (Art) and his students were recognized for their work on a mural located on a Bowling Green building
    • Leslie Nichols (Art) contributed illustrations to a published children’s book

Ensure an active and engaged Board of Directors 

  • Planning & Endorsement of the Strategic Plan & Budget
    • Participated in the development and endorsement of the Strategic Plan
    • Participated in the development and endorsement of the Annual Budget
    • Participated in Board of Directors Committees
  • Perform Annual Assessments
    • Performed annual assessment of SKYCTC President’s performance
    • Completed individual and group Board of Director’s assessment
  • Serve as a Positive Advocate for the College
    • Participated in SKYCTC Board of Directors meetings
    • Participated in various SKYCTC activities and ceremonies
    • Served as a positive advocate for SKYCTC
  • Participate in Professional Growth & Development Activities
    • Participated in board and all-college professional development opportunities
    • Presented at the Annual Association of Community College Trustees on the topic of redesigning technical education