Information for Students

Anyone who is enrolled in a technical program that offers Co-op/Internship/Practicum as a core requirement or elective may be eligible. If you are considering participating in the Cooperative Education Program, refer to the Cooperative Education Survival Guide for more detailed information.

To Be Eligible You Are Required To:

  • Apply prior to the upcoming semester in which you plan to co-op
  • Have been enrolled in a program long enough to gain occupational competence for entry-level employment (minimum of 12 academic hours)
  • Be making satisfactory progress (GPA of 2.0 or better)
  • Be recommended (Recommendation Form) by an instructor or advisor
  • Be approved by the Cooperative Education Coordinator

To Receive Credit You Must:

  • Be currently enrolled at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College
  • Be working toward a degree or program certification
  • Be registered for one credit or more of Cooperative Education (Co-op)
  • Complete and sign a Cooperative Education Agreement form (must be signed by you, your co-op employer, and co-op coordinator prior to working)
  • Complete assignments as required by your coordinator, which usually include an outline of your job goals and objectives and an assessment of your work experience


Registration for co-op, internship, or practicum is coordinated with the cooperative education coordinator for the program in which you are enrolled. Faculty or advisors are asked to submit a recommendation form on behalf of the student to the cooperative education coordinator. Only cooperative education office personnel are permitted to enroll students for co-op/internship/practicum classes. (Course offerings)

Cost For The Co-op/Internship/Practicum Experience

Since cooperative education is an academic course, it will cost the same per semester hour as any other class and could range from one credit hour to nine credit hours per semester.

Please Contact:

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Main Campus (Air Conditioning, Automotive, Collision, Electricity, Welding)
  • Steve Hatcher, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 901-1048
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Glasgow Technology Campus (Industrial Maintenance)
  • Chuck Houchens, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 659-6926
  • Mark Powell, Administrative Assistant, (270) 659-6928
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Transpark Campus (Computerized Manufacturing & Machining, Engineering & Electronics, Industrial Maintenance)
  • Brian Sparks, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (270) 901-1228
  • Marsha Shorts, Administrative Assistant, (270) 901-1122
Business, Computer & Information Technology, Culinary - KATI Campus
  • Lisa Hunt, Dean, (270) 901-1066