Technical Knowledge

You don't have to be a technology wizard to take an Distance Learning course; however, you must be comfortable with your system and be willing to deal with any problems that may arise. To see if you have the technical knowledge and the technology required to take a Distance Learning course complete the Distance Learning Orientation.

Lack of technical knowledge can greatly interfere with your learning a new subject. If you do not have the above skills, consider taking a computer course prior to enrolling in a Distance Learning course.

Privacy & Security Commitment
The SKYCTC Registrar's Office ensures the safety and security of your academic record. Personnel in the Registrar's Office adheres to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines. Each KCTCS college maintains the confidentiality of student educational records in accordance with the provisions of the Act and shall accord all the rights under the Act to students who are declared independent and who are or have been in attendance at a KCTCS college. This policy shall apply to all applicable students, regardless of mode of course delivery.