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SKYCTC Alumni Spotlight - Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs is a former SKYCTC Dual Credit student and later completed his Associate in Science degree in 2016.  He continued his education, graduating from Western Kentucky University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and a Master of Accountancy in 2020.  Aaron was also named the WKU’s Ogden Foundation Scholar in 2019.  He currently is employed as a Staff Accountant with Shelton CPAs, LLP.

Why did you choose to attend SKYCTC:

"I chose SKYCTC because of its dual-credit program for high school students. This program allowed me to earn my associate degree and high school diploma concurrently. The shorter commute from my home as well as the easy to navigate campus made SKYCTC the best place for my first step in post-secondary education."

Who influenced you most during your time at SKYCTC?

"My main influence at SKYCTC was Mr. Ryan Sandefur. Mr. Sandefur served as an advisor during my degree. Dual-credit students did not have a campus advisor at that time, but Mr. Sandefur stepped forward to help me through the college experience. His guidance helped me not only at SKYCTC but also in the transition to further my education at WKU. He also helped me develop a love for mathematics. I struggled with Algebra 1, but through his College Algebra course, I was able to better understand the principles and be successful in future math courses."

What advice do you have for current students wanting to make the most of their experience at SKYCTC? 

"My main advice to students is to attend every class, stay on task, and meet with your instructors at least twice during the semester. It is not only important to stay up to date on class assignments, but it is also important to stay connected with your instructors and peers. They are there to hold you accountable and help you with difficult problems. Developing these habits will set you apart from others who are easily distracted from the goal."

Describe your career path and explain how your education at SKYCTC helped prepare  you for what you are doing today.

"From a child, I knew that I wanted to have a career that helped others in the math and science field. I took one introductory accounting course at SKYCTC, which piqued my interest in accounting. This interest kept growing and became my degree path at WKU. SKYCTC helped hone my writing ability and time management skills to meet the demands of a staff accountant. The foundation built by the education at SKYCTC prepared me for a successful bachelor and master’s degree path. It also helped me land a job in Bowling Green with a firm that has been great to work for, Shelton CPAs."

What advice would you give current students interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

"My advice to a student interested in public accounting is to gain endurance and grit. Earning an accounting degree requires much study and hard work. There were several days when I would go to bed late and rise early to complete projects. Public accounting also requires hard work and long hours, especially around tax and audit deadlines. Learning these lessons now at SKYCTC will prepare you for a successful career in the future."