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The scholarship is available to Kentucky residents with a high school diploma or working on their GED that don’t already have an associates degree or higher. Apply at

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The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship is administered by KHEAA. Below are frequently asked questions from students who have already applied for the scholarship. More information can be found on KHEAA-Administered Programs :: Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.

Students should check their KHEAA account, if needed call KHEAA.

Yes, students need to reapply each year. The application for the scholarship opens May 1st.

No, students do not need to contact the school.

In recent years, KHEAA sends out more information in July about scholarship status.

KHEAA may award a student WRKS, but they may not meet some of the eligibility criteria at the school (enrolled in eligible program, SAP, etc.). Students should contact the financial aid office at their school for additional information.

A student can switch their program of study to another program that meets the eligibility criteria for the Work Ready Scholarship. The program also must be Work Ready eligible. If a student is in any ineligible program, they will not be awarded the scholarship. Students should consult with their Financial Aid advisor regarding correct steps.

If students have a SAP status from prior coursework and have never received a WRKS disbursement, they can receive WRKS for one semester but then must maintain SAP after that term. Students who have a SAP statuses should consult with the Financial Aid office regarding appeal options. A student won’t have to pay back the money for dropping out or not meeting SAP for the semester.

Satisfactory Academic Progress is academic standards a student must maintain for TIV and other types of state aid. SAP is measured based on three standards: 1. Qualitative – Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. 2. Quantitative – successfully complete 67% of all credit hours attempted. 3. Maximum Time Frame – complete no more than 150% of the hours required for their degree (transfer included). NOTE: For WRKS, students must maintain SAP after their first term of receiving WRKS.

Student applies by completing current year FAFSA and WRKS application at KHEAA. The WRKS application is usually available for May 1 for the upcoming academic year. KHEAA does not begin making estimated awards for WRKS until July. Once KHEAA makes estimated awards they will send a list to the schools. Schools will then begin making estimated awards. After the term begins, the schools will send final enrollment verification to KHEAA and KHEAA calculates an award based on actual hours, tuition, and fees charges. KHEAA sends the actual award amounts to the schools where a final calculation is made at the school. Once the award amount has been verified for accuracy it can then disburse to the student account.

If a student’s scholarship application was denied and are seeking information as to why – contact KHEAA.

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