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Radiography Selective Admission Process

Acceptance into the Radiography program is based on a selective admissions process.

Points are calculated in the following four (4) categories.  Applicants are ranked according to points earned. A maximum of 28 points is possible. On repeatable courses, a student can only earn points on the first or second attempt.  Transfer credits count as attempts.  Zero points will be awarded for a third attempt and beyond in a course.

Statute of limitations on classes:  If there has been at least five (5) years between your last attempt and a new attempt on the classes in categories 1, 2, and 3, the new attempt will count as a first attempt.

Grades of a "P": If the student is awarded a "P" for a grade in a class, that student must submit the transcript in which the "P" was awarded with their application.  If a transcript is not submitted with the application, the student will receive zero (0) points for the "P". After reviewing the transcript, the radiography admission committee will determine the amount of points to be awarded.

Student must have a minimum KCTCS cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be considered for the radiography program. Preference is given to students that have a "C" or better in the following classes: BIO 137, BIO 139, and MAT 150 or higher. 

General Education

The chart below applies to the following general education courses: Writing I, Social/Behavioral Science Elective, Heritage/Humanities Elective. The first general education class taken in writing and elective categories is considered the 1st attempt.  If a different class is taken to help improve a grade in the same category, it is considered a 2nd attempt.  For example, if a student made a "C" in PSY 110 (social and behavioral science elective), the student could take SOC 101 to improve their grade since it is in the same category as PSY 110.  SOC 101 would then be considered a 2nd attempt for that category.

General Education Point System
Grade 1st Attempt Points 2nd Attempt Points
A 3 2
B 2 1
C 1 0

Quantitative Reasoning

The chart below applies to MAT 150. If a class that is taken above the MAT 150 level, that grade could be applied to the chart below as well. The first quantitative reasoning class taken at the MAT 150 level or higher is considered the 1st attempt.  If the same or a different quantitative reasoning class is taken to help improve a grade, it is considered the 2nd attempt.

Quantitative Reasoning Point System
Grade 1st Attempt Points 2nd Attempt Points
A 5 4
B 3 2
C 1 0

Natural Sciences

The chart below applies to BIO 137 and BIO 139. There are no substitutions for these two classes.

Natural Sciences Point System
Grade 1st Attempt Points 2nd Attempt Points
A 6 5
B 4 3
C 2 1

Previous experience in an Allied Health and Nursing field or in a Clinical Setting

Points are awarded for applicants that are currently employed or have been employed in an allied health and nursing clinical setting within the last year.  The number of points awarded is based on years-of-service in the field.  See chart below for points to be awarded.

In order to be awarded points for previous experience, proof of employment in an allied health and nursing clinical setting must be included with your application.  An example of proof of employment is a letter from the human resources department of the employer on company letterhead.

Examples of employment in a clinical setting are in the list below. This is not an all-inclusive list. Please consult a radiography advisor if you have questions about this category.

  • Unit Clerk
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Any nursing filed (LPN, RN)
  • Any allied health field (CST, RT, DMS, dental assisting, dental hygiene, etc.)
  • Any medical information technology field (Transcription, medical billing and coding, etc.)
Previous Experience Point System
Years of Experience Points
1 to 2 years 1
More than 2 years 2