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Zemfira Bullington - March Phi Beta Lambda Student of the Month

Photo of Zemfira Bullington in classrowom

Chosen by her peers as March’s PBL Student of the Month, Zemfira is originally from Russia.  However, she has lived in the United States for 17 years.  Zemfira says, “My life has changed a lot since then.  I had to learn a new language, new customs, traditions, and laws.”

When asked why she joined Phi Beta Lambda, Zemfira explains, “The reason I joined PBL is that it opened up a lot of opportunities for my future, such as help with my career preparation, leadership development, community service, scholarship and awards, and more.”

What does Zemfira like most about Phi Beta Lambda?  “I enjoy meeting new people and making friends.  Also, I enjoyed spending some time with 5th graders from Warren Elementary and helping Mrs. Harris teach Junior Achievement class.”

Why join Phi Beta Lambda?  Zemfira gives several important reasons.  “I would recommend other students join PBL for the same great reasons I joined it.  This is a great opportunity to build your confidence, meet interesting people, and more.”

Zemfira chose SKYCTC because she wanted a fresh start.  “A couple years ago, I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life.  Despite the fact that I graduated from school almost forty years ago and that English is my second language, I decided to go back to school, and here I am.”

Zemfira is currently studying Accounting and will be graduating in May 2020 with her AAS in Business Administration.  After graduation, her plans are to find a better job, be a great asset to her company and the community and live her life by doing what she really enjoys.

Zemfira has family members in the US, but her immediate family still lives in Russia.  Her father died several years ago, and her mother is 80 years old.  She is the oldest of three siblings.

As far as hobbies, she loves reading and working in her garden.  Zemfira also has the cutest cat named Max, and he follows her everywhere!

Zemfira describes a fun fact about herself.  “Once I was late to the airport, boarding was completed, and my seat was sold.  I told them that I must be on that plane; please do something.  I still have my ticket.  So, after a nerve-racking thirty minutes I was told I would fly.  The only seat that was available was a seat inside the cockpit, next to the second pilot.  I flew in the cabin with the pilots; it was amazing to see a takeoff and a landing from that view!”

Congratulations, Zemfira!