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SKYCTC brings cutting-edge technology to healthcare students

Students and instructor stadning in front of Anatmage table

By William Battle WBKO TV

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - SKYCTC is now the home of the latest in clinical technology. Anatomage is a groundbreaking leap forward for medical education, emerging as the newest innovation set to revolutionize the learning experience for students in healthcare fields.

Offering a hands-on, immersive experience that goes beyond traditional methods, Anatomage allows students to examine anatomy and physiology in an interactive 3D environment.

“This allows students to have the actual hands-on experience of actually seeing the anatomy in 3D,” said Lori Slaughter, Professor of Radiography.

The exclusive content of Anatomage enables users to explore full simulations of various medical conditions, including childbirth, and examine a detailed cadaver of a cancer patient.

With a comprehensive offering of 1500 CT and MR images, along with a video library showcasing pathologies, Anatomage becomes a valuable tool for educators.

The table is intended to aid medical professionals and students in understanding the complex structures and workings of diseases and body processes. By providing real-world clinical experience, extensive anatomical databases, and realistic simulations with clinical-based tools, Anatomage sets a new standard for studying anatomy.

“Institutions are now starting to really get this in and incorporate it into their programs,” Slaughter said. “Whether it’s program-specific or in anatomy, we can look at pathology, and histology slides that are also available, making it very beneficial to other program areas as well.”

Highlighting the ethical aspect of Anatomage, each patient model available on the platform represents an actual person who generously donated their body for the purpose of scanning. This ethical approach adds a layer of respect and authenticity to the learning experience, reinforcing Anatomage’s commitment to advancing medical education responsibly.

As Anatomage gains traction in educational institutions, it is expected to redefine the landscape of medical training, offering a transformative approach that aligns with the dynamic and evolving field of healthcare.

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