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South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College Nursing Program Achieves Top Rankings

Five nursing student in scrubs standing around patient in bed

GLASGOW, Ky. - South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) proudly announces its exceptional performance in its registered nursing program, as recognized by Both the Glasgow and Bowling Green campuses of SKYCTC have been distinguished for their excellence, with Glasgow securing the number one position and Bowling Green ranking second in the Commonwealth.

The SKYCTC registered nursing program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, which equips students with invaluable hands-on experience through clinical rotations and state-of-the-art labs. Graduates emerge as skilled professionals, well-prepared to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. Local hospitals, including T.J. Regional Health, Med Center Health, and TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, benefit from the program's graduates, who are renowned for their expertise and readiness to serve.

Meghan Strode, a graduate of SKYCTC's registered nursing program in Glasgow and currently employed as an RN at T.J. Samson Community Hospital, attests to the program's effectiveness. She states, "I was pretty familiar with it, and I had done several skills in clinicals before actually working, so I was more comfortable with it. You hear talk in the hospital too, they’re like, ‘You know, SKY nurses, they’re one of a kind, they’re top tier.'"

The annual assessment conducted by consistently places the SKYCTC nursing program at the forefront of nursing education in Kentucky. SKYCTC has remained a reliable source of Registered Nurses (RNs) for many years, contributing significantly to the healthcare workforce in the region.

For more information about the SKYCTC nursing program, visit SKYCTC Nursing Program.