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Jayme Horn - February 2024 FBLA Collegiate Member Spotlight

Jayme Horn in computer lab

January’s FBLA Collegiate Member Spotlight features Jayme Horn. Jayme was born and raised in Houston, Texas. 

When asked why she joined FBLA Collegiate, Jayme explains, “I joined FBLA Collegiate because I was looking for more networking opportunities and a way to be more involved. One of my instructors mentioned that I should consider FBLA Collegiate and that they wanted more women in IT to join.”

What has Jayme enjoyed the most about FBLA Collegiate? “I enjoy the diversity within FBLA Collegiate. Every member brings their own unique perspective and strengths to the group. This really stood out to me during our event planning meeting, where everyone worked together to collaborate ideas and bring them to life. Doing the events is one of the things I have enjoyed the most,” she says. 

Why does Jayme recommend FBLA Collegiate? She explains, “It's a great way to meet and interact with other students whose paths you may not have crossed otherwise. It's also a lot of fun to participate in and give yourself a mental break from studying or homework.”

What brought Jayme to SKYCTC? “I lost my fiancé suddenly in December 2020 and moved to Bowling Green to be close to my mom. During my time of grief, I decided to go back to school and get a degree in something I was passionate about. I heard a lot of good things about SKYCTC from the locals and was impressed with what all SKYCTC had to offer,” she says.

Jayme will graduate in Fall 2024 with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology (Information Security track). Her goal is to continue her education and earn a bachelor's degree. She is a first-generation college student!

Her family consists of Jayme and her mom. Jayme is an only child, and her dad passed away in 2010. Her hobbies are listening to music, playing the violin, and teaching herself the guitar. Jayme also enjoys graphic and web design, gaming, doing her own manicures, hanging out with friends, and going to concerts. 

Jayme has two cats that she rescued from a junkyard in Pennsylvania when they were three weeks old. They are brothers named Zeus and Odin. She fostered their entire litter (7 cats). She says, “I got them into a rescue, but I ‘foster failed’ two of them because they stole my heart!” 

A fun fact about Jayme is that she is heavily involved in TNR (Trap Neuter Return) for stray cats in the community to help reduce overpopulation.

Congratulations, Jayme!