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Loucas Papalouca Retires After 24 Years

Loucal Papalouca standing in front of a brick wall at a conference

Loucas Papalouca, Computer and Information Technologies Professor, retires after 24 years at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College.  

Loucas came to Kentucky from Cyprus to obtain his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science from Brescia, Murray State University, and Western Kentucky University.  

After working as a computer programmer for several years, he began teaching IT/programming courses at our Kentucky Advanced Technology Institute campus in Bowling Green, KY.

Around 20 years ago, the college began the process to provide AA and AS degrees.  At the time, the Introduction to Computers course was a general education requirement.  Since Loucas held the teaching requirement, he was moved into the general education division to teach the course full-time.  Loucas was the first SKYCTC faculty to teach online courses and has been a member of the Digital Learning and Quality Assurance committees since they began.  With many program and college division changes through the years, Loucas ends his career teaching CIT 105 (Introduction to Computers), CIT 170 (Database Design), and CIT 171 (SQL).

All of us have fond memories of Loucas, but we can definitely say he is kind, generous, smart, quiet, and fun.  

Loucas lives in Owensboro, Kentucky, and has driven back and forth to Bowling Green everyday for 24 years.  That is how much he has loved this institution.  He will do anything to help family.

So, as his drive South comes to an end, his drive on new adventures begins.  He will continue to spend time with his kids, grandkids, and friends grilling and enjoying life; however, he does plan to travel to Cyprus to visit family.  

Loucas will be forever missed in the classroom, but not in our heart.  Thank you, Loucas Papalouca, for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom with us!  We are truly grateful.