SKYCTC helps students, staff prepare for total solar eclipse | SKYCTC

SKYCTC helps students, staff prepare for total solar eclipse

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Only days separate us now from the total solar eclipse, and despite the campus closure on silouette of man giving lectureinfromt of photo of solar eclipseMonday, SKYCTC is helping students and staff prepare with informational sessions.

"One of the most common misconceptions is -- people aren't sure exactly what an eclipse is," says Jahi Gardner-Palmer, a Physics and Astronomy Professor.

A total solar eclipse is a brief time when the moon will completely block out the sun's light, creating a brilliant halo look.

Emily Mouser is a student ambassador at SKYCTC who attended both the lecture and video sessions offered to students, faculty and staff on Thursday.

"I learned that during the eclipse the temperature can actually drop 25 degrees lower," she says.

But the knowledge didn't stop there, as Mouser also described learning about a lesser-known phenomenon the eclipse will trigger, but only for a few seconds.

"What you can do is actually lay out like a king size white sheet, and during the eclipse at a certain time during it, there will be thousands of gray shadows going and it looks like snakes."

Any time you look directly at the sun, Gardner-Palmer reminds each of us to protect our delicate eyesight.

"You want to wear eclipse glasses, and these are for your safety and your children's safety."

As Monday draws near, Gardner-Palmer wants to pass along one more piece of advice:

"Find a place to be before Monday starts. Hang out, get ready for it, about 1:27 you can take your glasses off hopefully, if you're in the path of totality."

SKYCTC will be closed on Monday in observance of the total solar eclipse.

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