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Student Achievement Disclosure Information

Student Achievement:

  1. Credentials Awarded: Annual count of total credentials awarded and the annual count of associate degrees awarded. 
    Associate Degrees Awarded
    Academic Year # of Associates Degrees
    2014-15  481
    2015-16 559
    2016-17 632
    2017-18 715
    Source: SKYCTC IR.
    Updated: 11/13/2018

  2. Placement: Based on graduates for academic years 2011-12 through 2015-16 tracked in employment from the 2nd to 5th quarters following graduation, omits students that re-enrolled at KCTCS, or transferred to a four-year university.
    Percent of Placement
    Reporting Year Placement
    2011-2012 through 2015-16  87.2%
    Source: KCTCS Office of Research and Policy Analysis
    Updated: 11/13/2018

  3. Student Transfer: Percent of Associate earners in academic year who enrolled at a four-year institution the academic year after the term end date when the first Associate degree was earned, or in the next academic year.
    Percent of Transfers
    2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 (Target) 2015-16 (Actual)
    21.70% 23% 25.70%  26.40% 38.60%
    Source: SKYCTC IR
    Updated: 11/13/2018

  4. High School to College Transition: Associate Degrees Earned by Students that were former High School Dual Credit students served by the College. 
    High School to College Transition
    Academic Year Number of Students Transitioned
    2012-13 29
    2013-14 61
    2014-15 86
    2015-16 121
    2016-17 127
    2017-18 175
    Source: KCTCS Decision Support System (DSS)
    Updated: 11/13/2018

  5. Licensure Pass Rates: The number of students in the Voluntary Framework of Accountability’s (VFA) Career and Technical Education (CTE) completer/leaver cohort who achieve a passing grade on their first attempt of a licensure exam within one year divided by the number of students in the CTE completer / leaver cohort who sat for the first time to take the licensure exam within one year.
    Licensure/Certification Pass Rate
    VFA 2015 VFA 2016 VFA 2017
    92.1% 90.1% 97.3%
    Source: SKYCTC IR
    Updated: 11/13/2018