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Important Dates

Important tuition due dates and 100% refund dates are on the Academic Calendar.

We make every effort to include relevant, timely and accurate information in our publications. Sometimes, due to system mandated changes, information may differ from what is published. Every attempt will be made to inform students in a timely manner. Please check the KCTCS catalog for out-of-state tuition rates.

Students are expected to pay their account balance in full according to the published deadlines. Failure to pay fees by the appropriate due date may result in cancellation of classes.

Approved scholarships, financial aid (Pell, CAP, SEOG, Stafford, PLUS) will be reflected on the billing statement in the calculated aid field. All students, including financial aid recipients, are required to submit any balance due less the amount in the calculated aid field by the deadline. Refer to the charts below to determine applicable tuition due dates based upon registration dates.

If you register and decide not to attend, you MUST withdraw from all classes prior to the 100% refund deadline to ensure that you will not owe tuition and receive failing grades. You are responsible for your own enrollment status.

Failure to receive an e-bill does not relieve the student of the obligation to pay tuition and fees by the due date.

For those important dates of 100% refund, when classes begin, check out the Academic Calendar.