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Do you know what college REALLY costs?

SKYCTC is one of the most affordable colleges in the state! Most SKYCTC students will pay less than $2,500 out-of-pocket, and many will pay NO TUITION at all. We know college tuition and fees can be confusing! Read on to learn what you actually pay at SKYCTC, or schedule a meeting with one of our staff.

Meet with Financial Aid

Most SKY students attend SKY with ZERO TUITION COST. How is this possible? Most SKYCTC students have access to aid (free money) and get all or most of their tuition covered. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn how you can get two years of college TUITION FREE at SKYCTC. 



1. If you can, take Dual Credit in High School

SKYCTC offers the DC to Finish scholarship for high school students who take at least nine credit hours of dual credit with SKY. You can get 25% to 100% of your tuition cost PAID depending on the grades you earn in your dual credit classes. Check out our DC to Finish Scholarship for more information.

1/4 the cost of most colleges and universities

2. Make Your Tuition Dollars Go Further

SKYCTC has the lowest tuition in Kentucky – less than half of a four-year university. That means your financial aid dollars go further at SKY! Most SKY students even receive a REFUND, which can be used for other educational expenses. Plus, there are no mandatory housing, parking pass cost, or meal plan requirements.

Apply for scholarships

3. No Aid? No Problem

About 25% of SKYCTC students are not eligible for financial help from Federal and State agencies. These students are still eligible to receive SKYCTC scholarships! Additionally, students in technical courses can get the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, which pays 100% of the tuition cost. Even without scholarships, the cost of tuition and books is still within reach, with tuition less than $1,500 per semester.


4. Work and Go to School

Regardless of aid, many of our students choose to work and go to college at the same time. SKYCTC offers flexible classes that make balancing work and education a bit easier. Check out SKYFAME and SKY Flex for college that accommodates student’s busy schedules.

Financial Caluclator

5. See How Much Aid You Can Get

Visit our Financial Aid Calculator to estimate of how much financial aid you may qualify for. Remember, the calculator is just an estimate and does not include private scholarships. Talk to SKYCTC Financial Aid staff if you have specific questions.

What if I am not eligible for aid?

The tuition and book costs at SKYCTC are less than half the cost at any other college or university in Kentucky. Plus, there are no mandatory housing, parking, or meal plan charges. By total cost comparison, you can spend less than 25% of other schools' total cost by choosing SKYCTC!

Example of a SKYCTC student bill
Fall 2019 Aid Eligible* Non-Aid Eligible*
Tuition Cost $2,149** $1,563**
Book Cost $249 $105
Total Cost $2,398 $1,668
Free Funds $2,733 $1,500
(Refund)/Pay $(335) Refund $168 Out of Pocket Expense

*Aid-eligible means that the student’s family income-level makes them eligible to receive free money from federal or states sources. **Tuition amount is based on full-time attendance for aid-eligible and part-time attendance for non-aid eligible.

What if I want to pursue a bachelor's degree?

All general education courses at SKYCTC will transfer to any public four-year university in Kentucky and most private colleges and universities in the state. Students who earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science at SKYCTC are “general education certified” and do not have to take any general education courses upon transfer. Therefore, students can save significant money by getting their first two years at SKY before transferring and completing their final two years at a public four-year college or university. Additionally, some colleges offer transfer scholarships for SKYCTC students that enable further savings for students who pursue a bachelor’s degree.