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Kentucky Adult Basic Education

SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education is the starting point for hundreds of Kentucky adults who need to build their academic and employment skills to improve their lives.  Our programs help you kick-start lasting change for yourself, your family, your community, and our state. We can provide full support to our students through online opportunities and in-person opportunities by appointment.

Your future starts here

Our local Kentucky Adult Basic Education programs in Barren, Metcalfe, Simpson, and Warren counties provide free academic instruction aligned to college and career readiness standards, as well as offer preparation and coaching for next steps (like college and career) for:

  • Individuals without a high school diploma (GED preparation)
  • English language learners (English Academy/ESL)
  • High school graduates with academic or employment skill-building needs (College preparation)

Through SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education programs, you can prepare for the GED® diploma, post-secondary education and training, employment, and become more fluent in the English Language.

Preparation for Credentials, College, and Career

We will virtually come to you! If you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet, you can connect to our staff, receive instruction and test-taking advice, and you may even qualify to take the required tests all from the comfort of your home.

You can also take advantage of traditional, in-person instruction, support, and testing by setting up an appointment and following KY COVID-19 safety protocols.

There's little excuse not to jump in and get started!


GED® preparation classes are offered through the SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education Learning Centers for students 18 years of age and older who do not have a high school diploma. We offer classes in all GED® content areas including: Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Our Instructors design coursework to meet the specific needs of individual adult learners. In addition to teaching GED® content, teachers introduce the special formats that appear on the GED® exam and help students discover strategies for success including general test-taking skills, good study habits, problem-solving strategies, and understanding and completing answer sheets. Often times students can pass part or all of the GED tests without a lot of studying. The first step is to make an appointment and attempt the GED® practice tests! You can start our GED® Preparation program anytime by clicking the Enroll Now button above!

SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education offers an English Academy through our Warren County (Bowling Green) Learning Center. The English Academy offers different levels of English classes, from the basics of the alphabet and numbers to the advanced levels for students preparing to obtain a job, get a better job or career, earn a GED®, or enroll in college classes or training. At each level, students develop their English skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Students learn how to use English in real life situations in American culture. The English Academy also offers Citizenship Preparation for individuals who will soon attempt the US Citizenship exam. 

Thinking about going to college but not sure you're ready or what you want to study? Let SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education help you to prepare for college. We can help you to improve your basic skills, prepare for college entrance exams, and provide you with enrollment and financial aid information. Students seeking admission to a college or university are often required to take an entrance examination in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. SKYCTC Kentucky Adult Basic Education offers courses in each of these areas which are designed to help adult students gain the necessary knowledge and skills required for success on college admission exams. 

Students may be referred to our program by a college such as SKYCTC for remediation after completing an entrance exam, but students may also enroll without this referral.

Enroll by completing the form above with your information or call one of our local centers.

Barren County: (270) 901-4362
Metcalfe County: (270) 432-0060
Simpson County: (270) 586-1682
Warren County: (270) 901-1017

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