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Apprenticeship for Employers

What's in it for you?

  • Flexible and customized to company needs
  • Employer-driven partnership between industry and education
  • High-quality work-and-learn experience
  • Eliminates skills gaps and develops a stronger workforce
  • Increases retention and productivity
  • Offered to current workers or new employees - let us help you recruit new talent
  • Minimal time and effort required from you (really, we do all the work!)

Our services

SKYCTC has expanded its apprenticeship program to help employers close their workforce gaps while creating pathways to good jobs for individuals.

SKYCTC's apprenticeship coordinator is ready to work with you to build and execute a customized apprenticeship program. SKYCTC will start by conducting a needs assessment—identifying your talent shortages, hiring projections, and technical skills gaps. Then guide your apprentices and help them navigate any barriers they face in completing their training. As the educational sponsor, SKYCTC will also manage the administrative requirements of the apprenticeship. You can expect a significant return on your investment in the form of workers you can count on.

Connect and learn more

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