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Online Courses and Blackboard

Online Courses

Many college students take at least one online class. Even if you don’t take an online class, you may take a hybrid course, which means the course will have some face-to-face meeting time and will also use Blackboard as a delivery platform for a part of the class.

Let’s take a few moments to discuss a few tips and reminders to support success for the student taking online and / or hybrid courses.

Online classes can be convenient but it doesn’t mean they are easier. Good time management is required to be successful in online courses. In order to be successful, those hours that would’ve been spent in the face-to-face class need to be set aside to work on the online course.

Remember that you must log into the online class within the first day or two of the semester and complete some type of activity to verify your attendance in the class. Failure to do so results in you being dropped from the course as a “no show”.

Some online classes may require a proctored exam, which is a supervised online test at an approved location. Typically, the final exam is the proctored exam but it is at the instructor’s discretion. We will talk more about proctored exams in a moment.

Be sure to log into your Blackboard account regularly (at least daily) while taking an online course. This will enable you to read any course announcements. Some classes require weekly work while some allow more independent work.  It is very important to be organized in knowing due dates for assignments and tests.

Don’t forget to also check your KCTCS email regularly.

If you are unsure if you are ready to take an online course, take the Online Readiness Quiz.  Go to the SKYCTC website, then click on Blackboard, and then click on Student Support. This quiz may assist you in deciding whether or not to take an online course. Online course are not for everyone.

Online courses require a computer with internet access and an email account. It is helpful if this is available at your home.

Remember that online courses may be more convenient, but they are not easier.

To be successful in an online class, it requires discipline and good time management.

You may want to consider taking a hybrid course first before enrolling into an online class.

Communication is one of the keys to success in an online course, especially with your instructor. While your instructor may have a preferred communication method, there are many ways to communicate including email, phone and the discussion board in Blackboard.

Proctored Exams for Online Courses

Remember that if you take an online course with SKYCTC, you may be required to take one proctored exam.

A proctor is a person who verifies your identity and then supervises the exam.

It is important to note that you will be responsible for arranging a time and location to complete the proctored exam.

So you may wonder “How do I find a proctor?” or “Where can I take a proctored exam?” You can take a proctored exam without charge at any KCTCS campus. SKYCTC offers proctoring services at 5 campus locations.

If you are unable to travel to a KCTCS Proctor Test Center, you need to contact your instructor to discuss.

Other locations that may be used as a testing site include: a public library, public school, military base, etc.

To schedule your proctored exam, you may use the “navigation” tab on your online course homepage in Bb.

Or you may register online through SKYCTC’s website by searching for proctored exams and look for

There is NO charge for taking a proctored exam at a SKYCTC location.


Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to open a web browser, then type

You can also access Blackboard from the KCTCS app or with the same username and password.

Your username and password are the same for Blackboard and email. 

If you don’t know your username and password, select “forgot password” to reset your password.  You will be asked to supply your first/last name, birthdate, student identification number and student ID number to reset your account.

Make sure you write down your username and password when prompted so that you have it for future access.

Access your class in Blackboard to find all you need to be successful.

You will find the Syllabus, read it word for word!  Sometimes instructors ask students to print out the syllabus and bring it to the first class meeting.  Check your email and Blackboard to know if this is true for your classes.

You will find the Course Content and textbook information.  You will access electronic textbooks (if applicable).

You will find your Course Assignments and Assessments with due dates.

Also, stay on track by accessing your grades.

Use it to communicate with your instructor and/or your classmates.

Access links to support tools like Starfish and Blackboard tutorials.

You may have questions about Blackboard. If your question is related to a specific Blackboard course and / or assignment, contact your instructor.

If your question is related to Blackboard, you have many resources available to help.

You can call or walk into the campus library. Each campus has library staff available for your Blackboard questions. Check with your campus library for office hours. Evening office hours are available at the KATI campus. You may also call the library help desk at 270-901-1171.

Another resource for you is contacting our Digital Learning Coordinator – a Leah Wendt. You may email her at the address provided on the slide.

Each campus location includes staff that you can approach and ask questions, including Glasgow and Franklin. 

On evenings and weekends, you can call the Go! KCTCS service center at 855-246-2482 (this number is located on page 56 of your 2016-2017 student success guide). 

Online assistance is available if you visit and click on the Blackboard link (this web address is also located on page 56 of your student success guide).

Finally, the Blackboard Trouble-shooting guide is another resource.  Click on the Student Support link at the top of the Bb page.  Under “College Help”, select Southcentral.  This will take you to a help page where you can search for help by topic.

An important note to remember: Blackboard performs regular maintenance late on Saturday nights, therefore, functions may be limited or not working during that time.

Use only Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when accessing Blackboard.

Use your KCTCS username and password to access BB

In your Browser, for the best functionality, do not use the back button to navigate, use the navigation menu items or links!

Use the course list to access certain classes.  NOTE:  Some classes will not be available until the first day of the semester.  If this is the case, you will see (currently not available) beside of the course name.

Click on the Help link at the top of the page and then under “Blackboard Learn Videos” you can watch how to use the most basic tools in BB.

Students can also get Help by clicking on “Student Support” at the top of the page.