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Various Forms

  • MEGA form - used to make many changes to your student account. This form is used to change programs (majors); name, address, and telephone number; and make changes to your schedule. Please stop by Student Services located in Building L to pickup a MEGA form.
  • Academic Suspension Appeal - A student who has been academically suspended and has remained out of college for at least one 16-week semester may appeal by submitting this form.
  • Residency Appeal (Short Form) - A student who has been assessed non-Kentucky resident tuition rates can apply for a change in status by providing all required documentation. Students must provide all supporting documents within 30 days of the first day of class for consideration. Appeals arriving after 30 days may be considered for the next term.
  • KCTCS Residency Appeal Application - Students unable to provide sufficient documentation for the Residency Appeal (Short Form) may submit the KCTCS Residency Appeal Application.
  • Residency Policy - SKYCTC - Students may review the policy for more information regarding residency requirements and appeal information.