User Account Center Set-Up | SKYCTC

User Account Center Set-Up

New students can create a user account 24 hours after submitting the application. 

Here are the steps for setting up your user account.

  1. Setup User Profile by going to the User Account Center.
  2. Click the "Setup Your User Profile" button.
  3. Select your birth month and day from the dropdown box. Then, enter your nine-digit KCTCS ID number (you can locate your ID at the bottom of your acceptance email) and click Next.
  4. Choose to send the temporary passcode to the email address or phone number shown.
  5. Enter this passcode in the appropriate box. You may be able to copy and paste the code into the box. Select Next.
  6. Create security questions and answers as requested and click Next.
    1. Be sure to save your security questions and memorize them. You cannot reset your account without them! The answers are case-sensitive.
  7. Follow the instructions to create your password. 
    1. Do not use any part of your name.
    2. Passwords must be 12 characters long.
    3. Passwords expire every 365 days. Otherwise, you may get locked out and will have to reset your user account. 
  8. Make a note of your username before leaving this screen. This username is generated for you. (Ex. JDoe1234) 
    1. Your KCTCS email address will be your username with added (Ex.
  9. You should see “your password was saved successfully.” Close windows.
  10. Login to My Path using your KCTCS email and password. 

Contact the Career and Academic Planning Center at (270) 901-1046 if you need additional assistance.