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Student Complaint Procedures

The complaint procedure is designed to assist students who have perception of unfair and/or unlawful treatment. A student is defined as any person enrolled full or part-time in credit or non-credit courses at the College. A complaint of unfair and/or unlawful treatment formally charged by a student against a College employee, in regard to the application of College rules, policies, procedures, and regulations, should be resolved without initiating the formal procedure if at all possible. This procedure does not supersede the policies set forth for grievances of discrimination, harassment, or grade appeals.

For formal grievance procedures involving alleged discrimination or harassment, students should refer to the following websites: 

Students will first seek to resolve the issue informally by following the procedure below:

  1. Seek to resolve the issue with the individual involved within fifteen (15) business* days following the incident.
  2. If a resolution cannot be reached, the next step is to contact the individual’s supervisor within ten (10) business days.
  3. If you are not satisfied after speaking with the supervisor, you can initiate the formal student complaint.
  4. To initiate the formal complaint process, complete our Student Complaint form within ten (10) business days of the supervisor's response. Please note: Students should not complete this form for an Academic complaint unless they have first followed the guidelines outlined in their course syllabus.

*A business day is defined as a Monday through Friday when the College is open.