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Financial Aid Top 10 Need To Know

If you have not yet done so, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.

You must create an FSA ID and password in order to complete and/or make any changes to your FAFSA. Go to FSA ID and create your own.

Once SKYCTC receives your FAFSA results, any additional information needed for financial aid will be indicated on your "to do" list in Self Service. Review your "to do" list often in case other items are added. Once all "to do" items are completed or approved, your financial aid amounts will be calculated and ready to view in Self Service.

Once your financial aid file is complete, your aid will be available to view in Self Service for the current Aid Year. Financial aid is offered based on full-time enrollment; however, the "Actual" amount of financial aid you will receive is based on the number of credits you are taking and may change if your schedule changes.

If eligible, your grant and KEES funds will be automatically awarded to you. If you are requesting a student loan, a Loan Request link is available in your Self Service.

In addition to your Loan Request, complete ENTRANCE COUNSELING (EC) and a MASTER PROMISSORY NOTE (MPN) at Expect 48-72 hours for EC and MPN to be confirmed by SKYCTC once completed. Visit the financial aid office for assistance. 

Your "Actual" financial aid amount reflects the amount of aid you should actually receive based on your enrollment. If you have enough "Actual" financial aid to cover your tuition due, no payment is necessary. "Actual" aid locks at the end of drop/add and will not be increased for classes added later!

For your convenience, students whose "Actual" financial aid is more than the tuition amount due may be able to charge books in the campus or online bookstore. A one-time Financial Aid/Bookstore Release (FAR) is necessary before charges are allowed. Complete the FAR in Self Service.


Dropping a class always affects financial aid. During drop/add, your aid is adjusted to the actual number of credits you are taking. Dropping a class that has already started and receiving a "W" usually does not require repayment as long as you remain enrolled and complete your other classes; however a "W" is not considered a successful attempt. If you drop all your classes before the end of the term, you may be required to repay a portion of the aid you received based on the last day you attended class.  

Refunds normally begin about four weeks after the term starts. First-year, first-time borrowers experience a 30-day delay when receiving their first loan disbursement.

All new students receive a KCTCS/Higher One Debit Card by mail Activation and refund preference instructions will come with the card. NO FUNDS ARE ON THE CARD UPON ARRIVAL!

If your current financial aid award is enough to cover your tuition balance, no payment is necessary!

The tuition amount due will remain on your account and you will continue to receive email statements until a few weeks after classes start, but there is no late fee provided your aid was approved prior to the tuition deadline.