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Financial Aid Forms

Forms used by the Financial Aid Office.

Consortium Request

Foster and Adopted Children Waiver Eligibility Requirements

KRS 164.2847

Tuition/Fees Waiver for Foster Children or Adopted Children who are or were a ward of the court. Foster and Adopted students may apply for the tuition waiver up to four years after graduating from high school. Eligibility for the waiver lasts for a period of one hundred fifty (150) consecutive or nonconsecutive credit hours earned, after first admittance to any Kentucky institution if satisfactory progress is achieved or maintained up to age twenty-eight (28). Students may be full-time or part-time and must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Please note: waivers do not cover digital content “e-textbook” charges. These must be paid by the student.  

To receive the waiver you must:

  1. Register for your classes
  2. Submit the initial paperwork for your waiver to the Office of the Registrar in building L on the Main Campus.
    *Please note that paperwork that must be approved by the government may require up to a 30-day processing period
  3. Check your email regularly for communication regarding required documentation or approval of your waiver
  4. After you receive notification that your waiver has been applied, wait 24 hours and then check your student account to make sure that the waiver has been processed through the Business Office

*Please note that tuition waivers are not applied automatically; therefore, it is imperative that you submit a waiver renewal immediately after registration has taken place.