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Residency Policy

Residency Regulation: Public colleges and Universities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

The regulation for residency is the "Determination of Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Assessment Purposes" and is to be used by each public college and university pursuant to KRS 164.020 and KRS 164.030 and is codified as 13 KAR 2:045. These institutions are Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University,

University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Colleges.

The determination of residency status is made by the institution during the admission process, and is based on information available in the admission records. A review of the determination of residency status may be requested by the student, the institution, or the Council on Postsecondary Education.

In making decisions, a determination is made as to whether a person is dependent on, or independent of, his or her parent. If a student is determined to be dependent, the student takes the resident classification of the parent. If the student is determined to be independent, the student is responsible for establishing residency in his or her own right.

The application for review of determination of residency status is submitted on the affidavit and presented, along with all necessary documentation, to the appropriate institutional staff. The student is responsible for insuring that all necessary documentation is submitted with the affidavit. Incomplete applications may be returned to the student. This material will be reviewed in compliance with Section 3 of the "Determination of Residency Status; General Rules" and a written decision will be issued.

Application must be filed in a timely manner; as such, application may not be treated retroactively and must be filed and fully documented within 30 calendar days of the first day of class. Applications filed more than

30 calendar days after the first day of class will not be considered for that term. A student may choose to file an application for a later academic term.