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Important Summer 2024 Financial Aid Information

This year there have been some changes to Summer Financial Aid.

  • You must have a 2023-24 FAFSA on file to receive aid for the summer term.  If you need help filling out the FAFSA (for current or next year), complete the SKY Educational Opportunity Centers application, and someone will be in touch. 
  • If you qualify for grants for the summer, these will be awarded automatically (you no longer need to complete a Summer Aid form).
  • If you need to apply for loans for the summer (and are registered in at least 6 credit hours), follow these instructions to request a loan for the summer term.
  • You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive summer aid.  If you are currently on a Warning or Plan of Action status, your eligibility for summer aid will not be evaluated until your SAP status has been reviewed at the end of the spring term (typically end of May).
  • Federal aid can only be awarded for courses that are Program Applicable.
  • You will receive an updated Award Notification if you are eligible for summer assistance.
  • If your anticipated summer aid is more than your summer tuition charges, you may be eligible to purchase your books and have them charged to your student account.  The automated bookstore charge period is May 3rd through June 11th , 2024.
  • If you are currently on a Warning or Plan of Action SAP status, your aid will not be awarded until the end of May; therefore, you will be unable to charge your books until after that time.
  • If your summer aid is more than the summer charges on your student account, you should receive a refund.
  • The first refund cycle is June 20th for students who begin classes on or before May 13th, 2024.
  • Pell grants will not be disbursed until attendance has begun in all classes and is based on enrollment hours as of the census date (May 20, 2024). Hours added after the census date will not be included for Pell grant purposes.
  • Loans will be disbursed in two payments, with the second disbursement occurring on or after July 7, 2024.  Students must maintain enrollment in at least six credit hours to receive both loan disbursements.
  • Summer refund dates are projected and not guaranteed.
  • Dropping courses or completely withdrawing may affect both your current financial aid award and/or your eligibility for future financial assistance.
  • If you register for classes during the Summer I/Summer II sessions and you subsequently drop or withdraw, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.  Your financial aid will be adjusted per your revised enrollment level.
  • If you are reported as a No-Show, your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of hours in which you began attendance.
  • If you totally withdraw, cease to attend classes, or receive all failing grades (E, F, W, or I), you will be subject to the Return to Title IV policy.  If your attendance is documented by an instructor past the 60% point of the semester, you will not be subject to this policy.
  • If you receive an Incomplete grade (without completion of any other courses for the same term) you may be subject to a return of funds if the Incomplete is not converted to a grade within 45 days.
  • You are responsible for any summer charges not otherwise covered by financial aid.
  • Refer to Payment Plans for information on summer term options.
  • In the event you need to withdraw for the summer term, refer to the Summer 2024 Academic Calendar for the refund deadlines.
  • All financial aid awards are subject to change without notice due to changes in eligibility and/or governing regulations.
  • You must report to the SKYCTC Financial Aid Office any outside assistance you are receiving for the summer term (this includes but is not limited to non-institutional scholarships, third-party payments, veteran benefits, or tuition waivers).
  • KY Work Ready Scholarship, KEES Scholarship, CAP Grant, SKY DC & Merit Scholarships are not available for the summer term.
Refund Dates
Enrollment Period Pell Loan
1st Session Only 6/16/24 and after 6/16/24: 1st Disbursement and After
7/7/24: 2nd Disbursement and After
1st and 2nd Session 7/21/24 and After 6/16/24: 1st Disbursement and After
7/7/24: 2nd Disbursement and After
2nd Session Only 7/21/24 and After 7/21/24: 1st Disbursement and After

You should check your KCTCS email account frequently for updates.