Steps To Borrow Student Loan | SKYCTC

Steps to Borrow a Student Loan

To borrow a student loan, you must:

  • File your FAFSA, and complete your financial aid file at SKYCTC;
  • Meet all SKYCTC Admission requirements;
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and;
  • Enroll (and remain enrolled) for at least 6 credit hours in the term for which you are borrowing the student loan.

Steps to Process a Student Loan:

  1. Complete the Online Loan Entrance Counseling (EC) and electronically sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN) at using your FSA ID you used to sign your FAFSA. Loan funds cannot be disbursed until both have been completed.
  2. Once your financial aid file has been completed at SKYCTC, to borrow student loans you will complete the following steps:
    • Log into your KCTCS Student Self-Service by going to
    • Click on the Financial Aid tile
    • Click on FA Loan Request
    • Verify your phone number and address
    • Read and Agree to the important information regarding your student loans
    • Select the Aid Year and Term for which you are applying
    • Review your estimated eligibility, enter the loan amount you are requesting, and submit
    • Once submitted you will be taken back to your main self-service screen and the loan request form will no longer be available for viewing

You can view information on the Department of Education for more information on Understanding Student Loan Repayment.

*The Terms and Conditions and the Rights and Responsibilities of Federal Student Loans are listed on the Master Promissory Note (MPN), which is signed by the borrower who is accepting the loan. This MPN also provides a sample loan repayment schedule and the necessity for repaying any loans you borrow.