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Drafting an Exceptional Scholarship Essay

So you want to apply for a scholarship but are unsure of how to write the essay. Follow these tips for success.

Your introduction:

You can start with a story from your past or present, a story that illustrates some important aspect of your life or personality. Or start with a short biographical sketch about where you are from. Or you can discuss a goal that the scholarship can help you achieve. Use this paragraph to tell the committee about you. Treat this essay like you would a job interview.

Your Main content:

This is simply a statement that tells your readers exactly what main points your essay is making. Don’t write the thesis until you finish drafting your body paragraphs. This way you will know exactly what your essay contains.

Your Conclusion:

This should make the essay feel finished. Wrap it up with just a couple of sentences. You can show how your education has made a difference so far, thank the committee for considering your application. Avoid anything too lofty or idealistic like "with this scholarship, I can change the world."

Sample questions to get started:

  • What are your career goals?
  • What obstacles have you overcome?
  • Why do you need this scholarship?
  • How will it make a difference in your life?



(bad) I chose this college because it was cheap.

(good) I chose Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College because…(List a variety of reason but be sure you can back them up with your thesis later in the essay.)

Main Content:

(bad) This essay is about what a great person I am and why I deserve a scholarship.

(good) I am a good candidate for a scholarship because I am a successful first generation college student with a demonstrated passion for learning and for serving others in the medical field.


(bad) With a scholarship, I can change the world.

(good) Thank you for considering me for a scholarship. With your support, I can achieve my dream of becoming a nurse.