Scholarship Acceptance | SKYCTC

Scholarship Acceptance

General scholarship information

  • The Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College Business Office credits your scholarship directly to your student account in your scholarship notification letter. Note: Scholarship awards of $1,000 and above are divided equally between fall and spring semesters unless otherwise noted.
  • Your scholarship will be credited to your student account each semester provided that SKYCTC has received your Scholarship Acceptance Form and required thank you note(s) by the deadline.
  • Scholarship recipients are encouraged to register for classes early to ensure timely scholarship payment.
  • Scholarships pay for tuition and books for SKYCTC classes only. WKU or other college classes are not eligible. Withdrawing from classes may forfeit scholarships and you may be responsible for charges.
  • Students with other KCTCS home colleges will forfeit scholarship offers.
  • To view your scholarship on your student account, log on to KCTCS Online Student Self Service (PeopleSoft). Click View Financial Aid and select the current year. Click on the View Award Notification to view scholarships. Scholarships may be grouped if you have received multiple ones. Some scholarships may be listed as “external”.
  • Awards amounts and loans may be reduced due to over awards. For more information please visit

Currently Enrolled Students

  • Scholarships are CONDITIONALLY AWARDED to you based upon the criteria outlined by the donor.
  • The SKYCTC Financial Aid Office will review your academic record after grades have been submitted for the Spring semester to confirm your eligibility.

Program of study

Some scholarships are awarded to students of a specific major or area of study. Students who receive these scholarships and then drop/ change majors will forfeit scholarship funding. Any student receiving a scholarship who intends to change majors must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately.

Payment of Scholarships

If your award DOES NOT EXCEED your total tuition and fees:

  • Your payment due, which must be paid at the SKYCTC Business Office, will be your total tuition and fees minus any financial aid and your semester scholarship award.

If your award EXCEEDS your total tuition and fees: