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High School Dual Credit Student


Want to earn college credit while you’re still in high school? Here’s how to apply for dual credit at SKYCTC and get a head start on a great education.

How to Apply

Applying to SKYCTC’s dual credit program is easy, and we’re here to help. Just follow these steps:

New students complete your online admission application. Returning students move to Step 2. The online application is free, and only takes about 15 minutes.

You will need the following:

  • An email address we can use to contact you.
    • The personal email address you provide is extremely important. It will be used to verify your identity, access your application, and setup and/or reset your password. Do not use an email account that you are unable to access, an email account that belongs to another person or a KCTCS.edu address.
    • You will need to retrieve and enter the verification code that will be sent to this email address prior to starting the application.
  • Your Social Security number
  • Name of the high school you attended

Start Your Application

  • Click the Start Application button to begin.
  • First enter your email address, and click “Send Verification Code.”
    • A verification code will be sent to the email address entered.
    • You will need to enter the verification code to start the application or retrieve a saved application. You may request a code to be sent at any time.
    • If you already have a verification code you do not need to request a new one - the code is valid for 24 hours. Save this code in case you need to return to the application.
    • If you are unable to enter the verification code please utilize the Live Chat feature at the bottom of this page.
  • Next, retrieve and enter the verification code.
  • Click the green “Start Application” button to begin.
  • Select Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College as your home college and campus.
  • Enter your personal data in the Applicant Information section
    (Notify your counselor or SKYCTC Dual Credit if you do not have your Social Security Number).
  • Create Account (This account is only used for access to the application).
    • The email address you used for the verification code should automatically populate.
    • For the password, we suggest using something like: Spring2021! (This is case sensitive)
    • Select a hint question from the pull-down menu and type your answer.
    • Click Create Account
  • Confirm your Personal Information and click Next.
  • Enter Additional Information, Citizenship, and Ethnicity.
  • When do you plan to start taking classes? Spring 2021
  • Are you currently enrolled in high school or home school? Yes
    • When will you graduate from high school?  May 20__ (The year you graduate)
  • High School State: KY (click on the full state name when it loads.) High School Name: Begin typing your high school name, wait for the full high school name to load and click on it; then, click: Add This School
  • Complete Residency Determination.
  • Confirm your information is correct and SUBMIT.

The last page displays your KCTCS ID Number.  Be sure to keep this information; print the page or take a picture.

You must have a valid KCTCS student ID number to enroll in classes.

Submit your Dual Credit Enrollment Agreement. This agreement should be completed by both the student and guardian.

  • Enrollment is subject to:
    • High school administration approval
    • Qualifying GPA  and/or placement scores

New students can create a user account 24 hours after submitting the application. 

  • Setup User Profile by going to the User Account Center.
  • Click the "Setup Your User Profile" button.
  • Enter your birth month and day. Then, enter your KCTCS ID number and click Next.
    • Call 270.901.4332, 270.901.1236, or 270.901.4324 if you do not have your KCTCS ID number.
  • Choose to send the temporary passcode to the email address or phone number shown. (Notify SKY-DualCredit@kctcs.edu if those need to be updated). Enter this passcode in the appropriate box.
  • Create security questions and answers as requested and click Next.
    • Be sure to save your security questions and memorize them. You cannot reset your account without them!
  • Follow instructions to create your password.
    • Do not use any part of your name.
    • Passwords expire every 365 days. Otherwise, you may get locked out and will have to reset your user account.
  • Make note of your username before leaving this screen. (Ex. JDoe1234)
    • Your KCTCS email address will be your username@kctcs.edu (Ex. JDoe1234@kctcs.edu)
  • Login to My Path using your KCTCS email and password.
  • Review the Academic Calendar
  • Review the Work Place Ethics Agreement
  • Need to Drop a Course: Email SKY-DualCredit@kctcs.edu immediately if you intend to drop a class.
    • Grade and refund issued according to College’s academic calendar.
  • Apply for Dual Credit Scholarships
    • KHEAA Work Ready Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship
      Public/Private High School Students enrolled in technical dual credit courses, may be eligible for the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, which can cover tuition for up to two courses in an academic year.
    • KHEAA Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship
      Public/Private and Home School Juniors and Seniors may also be eligible for the Dual Credit Scholarship provided by House Bill 206, which can cover tuition for up to two dual credit courses over the secondary school career.
    • Both scholarships cover tuition ONLY and will not cover any additional charges. Please visit www.kheaa.com for more information, or contact your guidance counselor.
  • Attend Class

You will be billed for the tuition and any digital textbook charges associated with the chosen course(s).

  • The dual credit tuition rate for the 2020-21 Academic Year is $72 per credit hour, which is two-fifths (or 40%) of the Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) hourly tuition rate.
  • In an effort to save your student money, many dual credit courses will have a Digital Textbook Charge.

  • If your student’s course has a required hard copy textbook, it will be the student’s responsibility to purchase the required textbook.

  • Student bills will be available online as soon as registration is complete.
    • You are welcome to pay at any point throughout the semester, but keep in mind billing will be updated as scholarships are applied.
    • The final payment deadline will be December 15th for the fall semester and May 15th for the spring semester.
    • Should you overpay, a refund will be issued.

Ways to Pay your bill

  • Pay Online
    • Login using Student User Name and Password > STUDENT SELF-SERVICE > ACCOUNT BALANCE > MAKE A PAYMENT
    • You can pay online with a debit or credit card
  • Mail Check/Money Order payable to SKYCTC (include your 9-digit KCTCS ID number) at SKYCTC Business Office, 1845 Loop Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101
  • Pay Over the phone by calling 270.901.1120
    • You can pay by phone with a credit or debit card
    • You must provide the Cashier with your 9-digit KCTCS ID number.


Have questions? Contact January Shuler at SKY-DualCredit@kctcs.edu or 270.901.4332.

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